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• 3/5/2018

Theory about Misaki Fujiyoka (Contains spoilers for OVA)

In the OVA episode of the anime, the viewers finally get to know how Misaki died (from leukemia)
But right before dying, she tried to reach out to a doll. In the same episode (And also in another episode where Mei was talking to Kouichi), Mei mentioned how dolls are hollow and how they "feed" on souls (I don't remember that line exactly but it was close enough to this)
Misaki DID mention that she could be saved. But she died.
My theory is that the dolls sucked out her soul (After all, it IS a horror anime). This is why she was reaching out to them. And this is why, maybe, Mei was shown to be remembering those dolls after news of Misaki's death reached her.
In fact, it is unusual how much the dolls are shown yet there role is almost nothing in the anime.

This is just a theory and I may have missed out some small detail that might contradict or prove my theory wrong. Please be free to comment your thoughts on the same and any other explanation as to why she could've been reaching out to the dolls seconds before her death
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• 11/1/2017


Im new here and wanna watch the show SO BAD!! =))
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• 8/31/2017

Any news?

I just finished watching and I need more! Since the anime was released back in 2012 and I have not heard anything about it I doubt there will be a season 2. With that in mind has anyone heard anything about a possible follow up to the anime?
If not would you recommend the manga or live action movie?
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• 4/17/2017

New wikian!

Hey Everyone!! I'm new in this wiki and wanna be everyone's friend😊😊
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• 4/2/2017

Another S/0

So, I finally got my hands on a copy of this book, and I decided it might be time to start being the admin again and adding content. Be warned: you're probably going to see some spoilers in the next few days, assuming I can keep contributing.
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• 3/10/2017

why doesn't he remember??

why doesn't kouichi remember what happened year and a half ago meeting with izumi.....
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• 3/10/2017

mikami reiko

she was stabbed by unknowen man right how did she come back to life
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• 3/10/2017

is Naoya dead

in his information box it says deceacd live action
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• 12/1/2016
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