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9th Grade Class 3 in 1998 is one of the classes at Yomiyama North Middle School in 1998.

Class 3 in 1998 and Their Countermeasures

When their new grade began, to take measures against the Class 3-3 Curse, the class chose to treat Mei Misaki as if she didn't exist, but the new transfer student, Kouichi Sakakibara doesn't know about the class curse and acknowledges her. Because of this, two students and two of their family members died. After that, the class treats both Mei and Kouichi as though they never existed. Mei Misaki's desk is an old one, which is part of the countermeasures.

Students and Staff

The following list includes the students and staff of 9th Grade Class 3, at Yomiyama North Middle School of 1998 in the anime. Some characters never appear in the manga and the original novel (this is no guarantee of safety) and those canon newcomers often impact the story in new ways.

Note, names struck out indicate characters who are deceased in the anime universe only. As such, expect major spoilers for that universe in this chart. You have been warned.

No. Name Gender Address Position, If Any
1 Izumi Akazawa F 1-1 Akatsukicho Yomiyama city

Head of countermeasures, and later the female class representative.

2 Aya Ayano F 2-9 Furuikecho Yomiyama city
3 Matsuko Arita F 3-11 Asamidai Yomiyama city
4 Haruka Etou F 7-22 Harakawacho Yomiyama city
5 Makoto Ouji M 5-17 Akatsukicho Yomiyama city
6 Yumi Ogura F 2-8 Akatsukicho Yomiyama city Countermeasures helper; member of Izumi Akazawa's clique.
7 Sayuri Kakinuma F 9-18 Furuikecho Yomiyama city
8 Tomohiko Kazami M 3-8 Yuumigaoka Yomiyama city The male class representative.
9 Kyouko Kaneki F 1-23 Tobiicho Yomiyama city
10 Kenzou Kawahori M 6-8 Seitencho Yomiyama city
11 Yukari Sakuragi F 6-20 Tobiicho Yomiyama city The female class representative; succeeded by Izumi Akazawa.
12 Kazue Satou F 2-15 Asamidai Yomiyama city
13 Noboru Saruta M 3-3 Harakawacho Yomiyama city
14 Takako Sugiura F 5-3 Akatsukicho Yomiyama city Countermeasures helper; member of Izumi Akazawa's clique.
15 Ikuo Takabayashi M 7-10 Tobiicho Yomiyama city
16 Megumi Tatara F 2-7 Tobiicho Yomiyama city
17 Yukito Tsujii M 9-2 Harakawacho Yomiyama city
18 Naoya Teshigawara M 3-5 Yuumigaoka Yomiyama city
19 Junta Nakao M 1-26 Furuikecho Yomiyama city Member of Izumi Akazawa's clique.
20 Sachiko Nakajima F 3-4 Seitencho Yomiyama city
21 Naomi Fujimaki F 2-1 Seitencho Yomiyama city
22 Manabu Maejima M 9-13 Seitencho Yomiyama city
23 Aki Matsui F 8-2 Asamidai Yomiyama city
24 Mei Misaki F 4-4 Misakicho Yomiyama city One who "does not exist."
25 Takeru Mizuno M 1-9 Seitencho Yomiyama city
26 Yuuya Mochizuki M 1-13 Tobiicho Yomiyama city
27 Shigeki Yonemura M 5-22 Asamidai Yomiyama city
28 Daisuke Wakui M 2-12 Furuikecho Yomiyama city
29 San Watanabe F 3-14 Asamidai Yomiyama city
30 Kouichi Sakakibara M 5-1 Furuikecho Yomiyama city One who "does not exist."
Homeroom teacher Shoji Kubodera
Vice-Homeroom teacher Mikami

Seating List

Izumi Akazawa Manabu Maejima Yukari Sakuragi Tomohiko Kazami Naomi Fujimaki
San Watanabe Junta Nakao Sachiko Nakajima Noboru Saruta Megumi Tatara
Yumi Ogura Shigeki Yonemura Aya Ayano Daisuke Wakui Aki Matsui
Matsuko Arita Takeru Mizuno Yuuya Mochizuki Kouichi Sakakibara Kyouko Kaneki
Kazue Satou Yukito Tsujii Haruka Etou Makoto Ouji Takako Sugiura
Mei Misaki Kenzou Kawahori Sayuri Kakinuma Naoya Teshigawara Ikuo Takabayashi