"My, it's unusual to see a boy your age here. Are you a customer?"

—Amane Misaki

Kanji 見崎 天根
Romaji Misaki Amane
Personal Information
Born Around 1938
Age 60+
Gender Female
Height 5'0 (150 cm)
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Gray
Occupation Receptionist of Misaki M. Studio
Family Yukiyo Misaki (Daugher)
Mitsuyo Fujioka (Daughter)
Mei Misaki (Granddauther)
Misaki Fujioka (Granddaughter)
Unborn Granddaughter ✝
Vital Information
Affiliation Misaki M. Studio
Status Alive
First appearance
Manga Chapter 3
Anime "Blueprint"
Voice Actors
Japanese Sayuri Sadaoka
English Vicki Barosh

Amane is Yukiyo's mother and Mei and Misaki's maternal grandmother. She is the receptionist of the doll shop owned by her daughter, Yukiyo, named Misaki M. Studio.



Amane in the manga

She has gray shoulder-length hair and gray eyes. Amane also wears spectacles with round lenses and dark purple clothes. In the manga, she has white, shoulder length hair and black clothes. Also, her spectacles are black with squared lenses. Amane looks older in the manga than in the anime.


Amane appears to suffer from some form of dementia. She never seems to move from her seat at the front of the store and doesn't remember Kouichi, even though he constantly visits her shop, as she repeats the same questions every time he enters.


Amane made her debut in "Blueprint" when she welcomes Kouichi after he tried to follow Mei and discovered the doll shop. Every time she sees him, Amane repeats the same phrases. She is always shown sitting at the reception desk of the doll shop when Kouichi visits Mei. Later, Kouichi finds out that Amane is Mei's grandmother.


  • Her name, Amane, is not a common name for real people, but often appears in Japanese fiction. Amane means " sound of the heavens ".
  • Amane accidentally let it slip that Mei is actually Mitsuyo's daughter when she was in the fifth year of elementary school.


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