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The Art Club is one of the minor organizations at Yomi North. It was first seen in "Face to Face", when Mei returns here as a senpai, though in the novel, it was first mentioned when Kazami and Teshigawara explained the layout of the three school buildings to Kouichi. The room is located in the old building "A" of Yomiyama North Middle School.

Mikami-sensei is one of the school's art teachers, as well as being the art club's sponsor.



  • Kouichi Sakakibara was invited to join the art club. It is unknown if he ever did.
  • Two unnamed members of the club closely resemble Yumi Ogura and Sayuri Kakinuma. They are both younger than Mei, as they refer to her as senpai, which means upperclassman.
  • When Reiko was killed in 1997, the Art Club no longer had a sponsor and was cancelled. Yuuya remembers this, though due to the Curse, he can't remember why. It's only after Kouichi sends Reiko back to Death the horrible truth is revealed.