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These people died because of the curse of Yomiyama North Middle School's Class 3-3.

These people were related or directly were a member of Yomiyama North Middle's 9th grade class 3.

  • Misaki Fujioka - death by leukemia.
  • Yukari Sakuragi - killed when her neck was impaled by her umbrella
  • Sanae Mizuno - killed when the elevator crashed on the basement
  • Ikuo Takabayashi - death by heart-attack
  • Mr. Kubodera - driven mad by the burden of the curse and kills himself in front of the class by plunging a knife into his throat
  • Junta Nakao - suffered a cerebral aneurysm when he fell down the stairs at home, which later burst at the beach outside of Yomiyama
  • Aya Ayano - died, along with her parents, in a car accident outside of Yomiyama, trying to leave the town
  • Atsushi Ogura - killed when an excavator crushed the front of the house, where his room was located
  • Ritsuko Sakakibara - her death is still unknown but maybe due to the curse

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