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Chapter One is the first chapter of the Another manga series and also the first chapter in Period One.


The chapter starts off with little look over the town. Then Kouichi Sakakibara is shown being hospitalized after his lung collapsed right after moving to Yomiyama. His grandmother visits him and tell him how terrible she feels for him. Kouichi thinks about various things during the conversation, like the fact that this day was supposed to be his first day at his new school but also that his dad is a college professor and due to his work in India, Kouichi had to move to Yomoiyama to live with his grandparents and aunt.

Somewhat later Sanae Mizuno comes and wakes Kouichi up and tells him he got visitors. Two of his new classmates, namely Tomohiko Kazami and Yukari Sakuragi, has come to visit Kouichi on behalf of the class. They start to ask some weird questions like if he has live in Yomiyama before and they ends the visit with Tomohiko giving Kouichi a handshake.

Later on, Kouichi goes to the elevator and sees a strange girl with an eyepatch over her left eye and she's holding a doll. He also notices that she wears a similar school uniform as Yukari had. After the girl is ready to leave at the second basement floor, Kouichi ask why she would be there which she replies that she have to drop off something to her other half. Before the girl left, Kouichi asked after her name which she replied is Mei Misaki.

About a week later, on Kouichi's first day at school in Yomiyama, he gets a call from his dad who wonders if he's all right. Then Kouichi remembers some things that his aunt, Reiko Mikami, told him the night before. Some hours later, Kouichi is at school and gets introduced to Shoji Kubodera and Mikami-Sensei. When class starts, Kouichi introduces himself and notices a strange atmosphere in the classroom. He also notices Mei sitting in the back of the classroom. On the lunch break, Tomohiko and Naoya Teshigawara gives Kouichi a tour around the school. During the tour, Naoya asks Kouichi if he believes in ghosts, which he replies that he doesn't believe in. Tomohiko then asks if Kouichi believes in paranormal phenomena, and states not just UFO or other things like that, but with proof of actually existing. Kouichi replies that on a basic level, he wouldn't believe in it. A moment later Kouichi notices Mei sitting alone on a bench. He walks up to her and start talk to her, but she ask if he's sure with it and states that he should try to be careful as she's walking away. Then Naoya comes and tells Kouichi that they have to hurry for the gym class.

During gym class, Kouichi has a brief conversation with Yukari where she tells him that class 1 and 2 and class 4 and 5 have gym class together, whereas only class 3 is left out. Kouichi then asks about Mei but doesn't get any reply. He then notices Mei on the roof of the school building and rushes up. After Kouichi has asked some questions about her name, Mei mentions it luckily for Kouichi to not have the same first name as the attacker in Kobe. Mei then tells him that class 3 is much closer to death than the other classes and states that "it might already have started". She then leaves the roof.



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  • This chapter's anime episode counterpart is Episode 1 - Rough Sketch, although with some minor differences:
    • Izumi wasn't present with Tomohiko and Yukari at the hospital.
    • Yusoke is shown.
    • Reiko is only shown in a flashback.