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Chapter Two is the second chapter of the Another series manga and also the second chapter in Period One.


The chapter starts off with Kouichi ending a phone call with his grandma. Right after that, Naoya sees that Kouichi owns a phone and asks for his number. During the conversation Kouichi asks about Mei, but Naoya just asks if Kouichi feels alright and walks away. Mikami-Sensei then walks up to Kouichi and asks if he brought a umbrella, which Kouichi replies that his grandma ha just called him and is going to drive him home. Mikami-Sensei then asks what he thinks about his new school and if he get along with the others which he replies yes.

Later on Kouichi is seen standing outside the school. He notices Mei walking away, then remembers their last meeting on the roof, but when he looks after her again, she has disappeared. He founds it somewhat odd that she didn't brought a umbrella, as nearly everyone else outside had one. Next day, Kouichi and the others has art. Mikami-Sensei views Yuuya's painting, which turns out to be a lemon version of the Munch's Scream, which he calls "the Scream of the Lemon". Mikami-Sensei tells him that he should save this kind of experiments for art club, thus making Kouichi ask if Yuuya is in art club which he replies yes. He also tells Kouichi that he rejoined the third year, as there was no art club during their second and also little about building zero. Afterwards, Yuuya asks what Kouichi thinks of Mikami-Sensei, which makes Kouichi realize that Yuuya might have feelings for her. They're later seen talking about Munch and the Scream, which makes Yuuya feel uneasy, but that's why he likes it. Naoya shows up and asks if they're talking about Mikami-Sensei and states that "she's so hot", but gets an angry stare by Yuuya. Kouichi then asks what makes Naoya feel uneasy, which he replies knowing that he should be in the "cursed class three". Somewhat embarrassed Naoya says that he has wanted to tell Kouichi about it since yesterday, but Yuuya shouts that he can't tell him anymore. Kouichi then sees Mei, and leaves the other two who are confused. Mei asks Kouichi if his "two friends didn't stop him", which he says that he guess not. Kouichi views Mei's drawing and Mei states that one of the dolls in the drawing will get wings, but she might or might not be an angel. Kouichi then asks about Mei's eyepatch. Mei, smiling, asks if he really wants to know. Kouichi, somewhat embarrassed says that if she doesn't want to, she doesn't have to. Mei stops smiles and say that then she won't show him. A man comes and tell them that they should get back to class, as the bell is ringing.

Later at home, Reiko tells Kouichi that the Liberian's name is Chibiki and that most girls founds him creepy. Reiko then asks Kouichi if he's going to join any club, and if he would join a similar club to the one he was in his last school. Kouichi reveals he was in the culinary arts club, but mostly due to the fact that he had to cook his own as his father rarely was home. Kouichi then reveals he wants to be in the art club, much to Reiko's surprise.



  • Masaki Hasegawa
  • Midori Hashimoto

Characters who appeared in the chapter[]

  • Akia Tanaka
  • Yuka Yamazaki
  • Tatsuo Yamashita 
  • Yuzo Maeda