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Daisuke Wakui
Daisuke Profile
Kanji 和久井 大輔
Romaji Wakui Daisuke
Personal Information
Born 1983
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 178 cm/5' 10"
Eye Color Closed
Hair Color Brown
Occupation High School Student
Family Unknown
Status Alive
First appearance
Manga Chapter 8
Anime "Rough Sketch"
Voice Actors
Japanese Kosuke Kobayashi
English Connor Leach

Daisuke Wakui (和久井 大輔 Wakui Daisuke) is a student of 9th Grade Class 3 in 1998 at Yomiyama North Middle School.


Daisuke is a young man with a pale complexion and slightly above average height, he has short dark brown hair and closed eyes (they are black in Sphere Joint). As a high school student, he is seen wearing only the standard male uniform.


He is a quiet, shy boy with delicate health (being asthmatic), so most of the time he is seen being alone or very rarely with someone. Despite his respiratory condition, he was seen in PE class, jogging like the other boys, suggesting that his illness is not serious as long as he has his inhaler handy.


A quiet and shy individual, Daisuke Wakui wasn't a major fixture of class 3-3. He was present on Kouichi Sakakbibara's first day of school, but did not welcome his new classmate, though he did move out of the way so others could. In "Build Limbs", when Izumi began enforcing her new countermeasures, which involved ignoring Kouichi, he tried to ask Daisuke what was going on, but Daisuke was unable to tell his neighbor. He was present when Kubodera killed himself in the middle of class, but wasn't part of the group who fled right away, he was seen vomiting on the floor before he pulled himself together and walked out.

In "Glass Eye", Daisuke was one of the students who went on the class trip. During the first night's dinner, he had an asthma attack. The cartridge for his inhaler was depleted. Before this an envelope containing an inhaler/cartridge was shown on top of the table, at the corner between Daisuke and Tomohiko. Chibiki asked if there was a spare cartridge, and Daisuke weakly shook his head. Telephone service at the lodge was out and not-yet-repaired. Cellphones could get a tower, but service wouldn't go through. So Chibiki drove him down the mountain to a hospital.

In "Stand By Oneself", it was revealed he'd managed to survive the calamity, as he was shown at a hospital along with Matsuko, Yukito, Noboru, Yuuya, Kouichi and Manabu.


  • Daisuke sits in class in the second column of desks from the hallway, third from the front. He sits behind Noboru Saruta. Aya Ayano sits to his left, Aki Matsui to his right and Kouichi Sakakibara behind him.
  • Daisuke's voice actor's name was learned in the end credits of "Sphere Joint", though as yet he'd had no spoken dialogue. His first line was "ugh," the sounds of puking, a reasonable response after his teacher had just killed himself in front of the class.
  • Also in "Sphere Joint" his eyes are briefly seen as black.
  • He is ranked C in Another characters ranking.
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    Daisuke character ranking.

  • His first name, Daisuke, means "great help."
  • His home address is 2-12 Furuikecho Yomiyama City.
  • In Chapter 16 of the manga, it was not Daisuke who suddenly fell sick during dinner, as he never appears in the manga. When Izumi and Mei were arguing, Izumi blamed Mei and Kouichi for all that had happened. When Kouichi tried to protect Mei, he suddenly collapsed.
  • At 178 cm/5' 10", Daisuke is the tallest character in the class.
  • Daisuke doesn't appear in the live action film. However, a composite character of himself and Takako does exist, Sakurako Wakui. Sakurako is Izumi's best friend and her roommate on the class trip, has an overall appearance based on Takako from the manga, and has the same last name as Daisuke. Unlike every other version of Takako, however, she manages to survive the calamity.