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The Other -Karma-
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Episode Information
Kanji 因果
Romaji Inga
Air date May 26th, 2012
Opening Kyoumu Densen
Ending Anamnesis
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Episode 0 bundled with the 0th limited-edition volume of Kiyohara Hiro's manga adaptation of Ayatsuji Yukito's horror novel Another.


Set before the beginning of the story, called the "0th episode" and also "The Other". The OVA shows the stories between Mei Misaki and her twin, Misaki Fujioka, sometime prior to the start of the anime.


The episode begins on a street. A young brown haired girl, Misaki Fujioka, wearing a frilly pink dress and an eyepatch on her left eye sits silently on a bench. A young man approaches her and offers to take her out, but is perplexed when she doesn't appear to acknowledge him. The girl then eerily asks him about a doppelganger. When the guy expresses confusion, she explains that a doppelganger is 'another you or me' and that anyone who sees one meets a bad end. At that moment another girl approaches: she is identical to Misaki, only with black hair, a blue dress, and an eyepatch covering her left eye. Freaked out, the guy runs off, and Misaki giggles at her joke. The black haired girl, called Mei Misaki, asks what happened to Misaki's eye. Misaki explains that it's a 'style' and her eyelid has swollen. When Mei checks, she sees that it is almost fully healed. The twin sisters then begin making their way down the street.

The twins visit the local shopping center and begin picking out clothes. Misaki takes advantage of their shared resemblance and uses Mei to see how her clothes would look rather than using a mirror. The twins eventually come across two near-identical outfits and try them on in the changing room. While in the changing room Misaki removes Mei's eyepatch, revealing her green doll's eye, and mentions that Mei once mentioned that she could see something with that eye. When asked, Mei states that she does not see it on Misaki. The twins purchase the outfits then visit a shooting stall. When Misaki shoots with the toy rifle, the cork bounces off the teddy bear and hits her on the head. Misaki retaliates by flinging the cork back, this time knocking over the teddy. Misaki is pleased, only for the stall owner to refuse her a prize. Later that day, Misaki decides that she wants to go to a real amusement park. Mei suggests that they go next week, while her mother is away at a doll exhibition.

Sometime later, when Mei's mother leaves, Misaki visits the doll store where Mei lives. Misaki enjoys the numerous dolls on display, and takes a particular liking to a naked blonde doll who is blindfolded. At one point Mei mentions that her new class seemed odd, almost like it was cursed. When they come across the life-size doll that resembles Mei, the conversation switches over to the topic of Mei having been given away to her aunt when she was a small child and keeping Misaki. Though Mei insists that she harbors no hard feelings towards her birth mother, Misaki still appears to feel guilty.

The twins then visit Mei's bedroom, where Misaki marvels at how luxurious it is. The twins get into a playful rough in tumble on the bed over who was truly the eldest twin. They then have a bath together, where Misaki revealed that she had found several photos of the twins as babies. That night, as the twins are lying in bed together, Misaki explains that because her family is poor and her mother is strict on her allowance, she works at a tofu shop to pay her own bills, before falling asleep. Mei states that Misaki is truly part of a family, and lifts her head slightly, causing her hair to fall away from her bare doll's eye. Mei suddenly recoils in horror: she now sees the color of death on her twin sister.

The next day, wearing the near-identical outfits they had bought from the clothes store, the twins visit the local amusement park. After seeing the color of death, Mei becomes very protective of Misaki, pushing her away from any person she deems suspicious. Despite her fears, they enjoy the amusement rides without any problems. They eventually ride on the Ferris wheel, not noticing a screw falling out of the carriage door's latch when the attendant seals it. Inside the carriage, Misaki once again expresses her guilt that their birth parents had kept her instead of Mei and even blames the loss of Mei's eye on the decision. Mei reminds her that the loss of her eye was caused by a disease, and states that it wouldn't made any difference if it had been her who they kept, and not the other way around, causing Misaki to hug her and sadly apologize. 

The twins then get up from the bench and look out the window to find Misaki's house, just as a bird flies into the window, cracking the glass and splattering the pane with blood. A startled Misaki falls back against the door, causing the weakened latch to break and Misaki to fall out the carriage. Mei grabs her hand just in time, but since the attendant down below is asleep in his chair, there is no-one to help them. Despite Mei's desperate attempt to hold on, Misaki's hand begins to slip. Fearing that Mei would be dragged down with her, Misaki apologizes and releases her grip on Mei's wrist. There is a terrible moment as Misaki falls and Mei looks on in horror... only for Misaki to safely land on the ground. The Ferris wheel was still in motion, and when Misaki fell the carriage had been low enough that she wasn't in danger. The fact that the incident ended on a happy note assuages Mei's fears and she and Misaki continue to enjoy their day in the park.

At sunset, the twins leave the park and stop at a fork in the street, preparing to part ways. Misaki and Mei bid each other goodbye, agree to see each other tomorrow and begin walking down their respective streets... and without warning Misaki collapses to the ground.

Sometime later Misaki is in a hospital bed with some dolls on the table next to her. She has been diagnosed with Leukemia and is scheduled for chemotherapy. At her beside, Mei reminds Misaki that she is the best choice for a bone marrow donor when the time comes, and Misaki reminds Mei that their shared birthday is coming. All Mei wants for her birthday is for Misaki to get better, and Misaki requests the blonde blindfolded doll she had admired the day before.

In the middle of the night, Misaki's condition suddenly worsens, and the dying girl desperately stretches her arm out for her dolls. Unable to reach them, she expires.

Back in Mei's bedroom, she drops the phone upon learning of Misaki's death. For some time, she stares into a mirror at her doll's eye. She is suddenly overcome with rage and raises her fist to smash the mirror.

The scene then switches to the hospital elevator from the first episode. Here, Mei is now distant and emotionless, and once more wearing an eyepatch. She is holding the blindfolded doll, preparing to fulfill Misaki's final request. Koichi enters the elevator and meets her. The episode ends with Mei exiting the elevator at the second basement, where the morgue is located and when Koichi asks for her name, she states; "Mei. Misaki Mei."

After the credits, Mei leaves the blindfolded doll on the casket containing Misaki's body, and departs.



「Another」オリジナルアニメDVD同梱版コミックス 0巻 発売

Another OVA Trailer.