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Glass Eye
Shake hand
Episode Information
Kanji 漆黒
Romaji Shikoku
Air date March 13th, 2012
Opening Kyoumu Densen
Ending Anamnesis
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Body Paint

Glass Eye is the 10th episode of Another series. It aired on March 13th, 2012.


Izumi Akazawa is seen at the riverbank, crying and shouting "Stupid brother!". Then she throws her coffee can and hits someone on the head. She realized this and went to the bottom to apologize. Suddenly she tripped on her leg and fell. Then the boy that her coffee's can hit goes to her and offers his hand to help her back up. The boy turned out to be Kouichi Sakakibara. Then, she wakes up from her dream and realized that was her first meeting with Kouichi.

Back to the present time, students of 9th Grade Class 3 go on a class trip. Yuuya Mochizuki decides to take a few pictures and teases Mei Misaki and Kouichi together with instructions for Mei to move closer to Kouichi. Then Naoya Teshigawara said that Yuuya should be in the picture too and he'll take their picture. He also does the same with Mei and Kouichi with addition, he instructed Yuuya and Mikami-Sensei to move closer to one another. However, all of them don't seem very happy when they were taking the pictures.

In the room, Kouichi, Mei, Yuuya and Naoya listen to the rest of the tape;

Note that [*] represents the absence of a name.

Now, this is the important part; right after we finally reached the bottom of the mountain, that's when it happened. And by it, I mean... I...I... it happened in the forest, outside the lodge. I got into an argument with a guy named [*]. We ended up trading blows. And then... And then... The next thing I knew, he wasn't moving. He was lying under a huge tree. When I looked closer, I saw he'd been impaled on a branch. [*] was dead.
Terrified, I ran back to my room at the lodge. It had been decided that we'd be staying an extra night. The police came to see us about the lightning and the fall. They asked me a lot of questions, but I couldn't tell them anything about [*].
I hardly slept at all that night. I was sure someone would find his body and everyone would freak. But in the morning, there were no signs of that happening, so I went back into the forest into find it myself, but it wasn't there. It had vanished without a trace. I was so bewildered. I asked the others what had happened to [*], but they all just looked at me like I was crazy. "Who's that? I don't know anyone with that name". They even said there were 19 students on the trip, not 20. That's when it dawned on me; the guy I'd killed must have been the extra student all along. I do know without a doubt that I killed [*], nothing will change that. That's why I decided to come clean here. So this is my confession.
It's been two weeks since the trip, and nobody remembers him being in the class. [*] has been completely forgotten. I was deeply involved in his death and I'm the only one that remembers. But I get the feeling it's only a matter of time. That's why, while my memory is still clear, before it's too late, I want to tell you the truth and how to stop the calamity. Are you listening? Send the dead where they belong. Send the dead back to death. And that's how to stop the calamity once it's begun.

Noticing that the student's name was absent from the recording, they affirm that it's real as there'd be no reason to alter a fake. However when Naoya said that they have to kill the dead person, all of them went into silence when Kouichi asked, "Could you kill a classmate?".

During dinner, they discuss about how they are able know who is the dead person. Suddenly, Izumi breaks the silence and said that she wants to announce something. After Mikami-Sensei gives her permission, she gives her speech and said it is all Mei's fault. When Mei asked Izumi what she wanted, Izumi said that she wanted her to apologize. Mei then asked "There's no point. Would apologizing serve any purpose? If it will, I'll do it.".

Kouichi then said that she doesn't need to apologize because it's not her fault but she apologizes to Izumi anyway. Yuuya then hits the table and said it is enough. Naoya agrees with Yuuya. He said that they actually need to figure out who is the dead person. Suddenly, Daisuke Wakui got an asthma attack. His inhaler is empty and he didn't bring any spares. Tatsuji Chibiki wants to call an ambulance but the phones at the lodge is broken and all of their cell phones are out of service. Having no choice, Tatsuji drove down the mountain with Daisuke to the hospital. After Tatsuji leaves, Mei thanks Kouichi for protecting her during dinner. Then she asks Kouichi to go to her room to show the picture. In her room, they see the picture and she asks Kouichi where he found the pictures, he replied and said his grandma found it in Reiko Mikami's room. Mei said that Reiko and his mother look very identical when they were young. Then Mei asked Kouichi did his aunt do painting, he said yes and Reiko considered it as her real job. Then he asked how she was certain that he was not the dead one, she said that her green eye can show who is dead. She said that actually her mother, Kirika whose real name is Yukiyo Misaki had a twin sister named Mitsuyo Fujioka. When Mitsuyo married she had a pair of twins, that being Mei and Misaki Fujioka. After Kirika's child died after it was born, she was really depressed and in the same time Fujioka family had financial problems, so they gave Mei to Kirika.

Mei said that they didn't give Misaki to them because her name would be 'Misaki Misaki'. Mei said that she knew the truth when she was in 5th grade, when her grandmother suddenly spit it out. When she said to Kirika that she wants to meet her real mother, she looks furious because Kirika wanted to keep that secret forever. But Misaki that knew the truth always sneaked to Misaki's house and they always went on a outing together. During Misaki 15th birthday, Mei asked what she wanted for her birthday present and she said she wants one of the dolls that sold at Mei's family store, but she died before she could receive it. Kouichi then realizes that actually Misaki died in April thus meaning that the calamity already started in April, not May as everyone assumed. She said that she didn't tell the class because she couldn't believe that her twin died because of the "crazy curse".

Mei said that her doll eye can tell who is the dead person, so Kouichi asked who is the dead person. Just when Mei wants to tell him, suddenly Naoya breaks in and said that he thinks he may have done something terrible. Then there is a student's body lying outside the building.