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Episode Information
Kanji 惨劇
Romaji Sangeki
Air date March 20th, 2012
Opening Kyoumu Densen
Ending Anamnesis
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Makeup is the 11th episode of Another. It aired on March 20th, 2012.



Manabu stabbed

The episode opens with Katsumi Matsunaga on the tape repeating the most important bit, "Send the dead back to death."

Sitting alone in their room, Izumi Akazawa and Takako Sugiura mull over the tragedies of the year. (It is revealed later that Izumi and Takako had just listened to Matsunaga's tape.) Takako mentions she knew someone from her elementary school named "Misaki" who was nearly identical to Mei...but for having both eyes. Izumi commented they couldn't possibly be the same person, as Takako and Mei didn't live in the same school district, and furthermore, "their" Misaki had lost her eye when she was four. Unsure what to make of this, Takako lapsed into silence, while Izumi continued to stare broodingly at the rain.

Meanwhile, having burst into their room at the end of the last episode, Naoya Teshigawara admits to Kouichi Sakakibara, and Mei Misaki, that he thinks he might have killed Tomohiko Kazami. He confessed that he had thought Kazami was the dead one when he didn't remember the things they used to do in their childhood, causing the two to start fighting. However, Naoya accidentally pushed Tomohiko from the second story, apparently killing him. Upon learning this, Kouichi told the devastated Naoya that people don't always die from falls from that height, and determined that they would go out to check on Tomohiko.

When they reached the hall, Kouichi noticed Manabu Maejima, who was badly injured. Manabu told him of the dining room, and Kouichi went to the dining room door, discovering the dining room was in flames, the body Kensaku Numata, the proprietor of the Sakitani Kinenkan, sitting in a chair, dead from multiple stab wounds. Naoya had returned from outside, reporting that Tomohiko wasn't there anymore. Kouichi instructed Naoya to get Manabu outside and for everyone to evacuate the building. Izumi, confused by the shouting, headed downstairs to see what was the matter. Upon learning of the fire, she tried to use the Inn's alarm, only to find it had been disabled.


The flames

Suddenly, they heard Takako scream from upstairs. Worried for his friend's safety, Kouichi hurried upstairs with the girls in tow, only to find her and Izumi's shared room deserted and covered in the signs of a bloody struggle. Izumi was nearly inconsolable, fearing the worst. Kouichi wasn't willing to give up on either Takako or Tomohiko, and started knocking on doors, asking his classmates if they'd seen either of his friends and warning them about the fire. The group encountered Yuuya Mochizuki and Naoya, who'd left Manabu in someone else's care. Yuuya said he'd run into Tomohiko early, but the other boy had been acting strange, glaring at him and demanding Katsumi's tape. Realizing he still had a friend unaccounted for, Kouichi instructed Yuuya and Naoya to keep warning the others, while he, Izumi, and Mei would try to find Takako. The two groups parted ways.


Izumi, Mei and Kouichi find blood in Takako's room.


Takako, Izumi and Yuuya listening the tape

Heading back toward the main hall, Kouichi and the girls accomplished their mission, encountering Takako on the stairs. Izumi rushed to her friend, but Takako was clearly unwell, covered in blood but calmly informing Izumi she couldn't live without her, before pulling out a knife and screaming she had to "send the Dead back to Death." Thinking quickly, Kouichi intervened, managing to disarm Takako before she could kill Mei. Furious at her friends' refusal to help her, Takako fled. Meanwhile, Yuuya and Naoya got into an argument about where they should begin their efforts at warning their class, with Yuuya predictably insisting they needed to find Miss Mikami. Naoya eventually gave in, only to find a trail of blood leading to/from their teacher's door.

Horrified by what had happened, Kouichi asked Izumi what had gone wrong with their friend. Izumi explained, as Head of Countermeasures, she'd learned of Katsumi's tape from Yumi Ogura, and had asked Yuuya to play it for her and Takako after dinner. Takako, she explained, had become mentally and emotionally unstable following Junta Nakao's death at the beach, and wasn't herself; Izumi told the others she'd go find her friend. She had gone only several steps, still on the stairs, when Takako made an announcement, purportedly from the "Head of Countermeasures" before broadcasting Katsumi's tape. Explaining her supposed relationship with Mei, Takako informed the class she was the Extra, having come back to life incomplete. Fully over the edge, she screamed at her class to hunt Mei down and kill her.

Meanwhile, Naoya and Yuuya enter Ms. Mikami's room, only to find it empty of their teacher. They leave and follow the trail of blood to another room, where they find Keiko Numata, covered in what is presumably Manabu and Takako's blood. Homicidal and furious, she attacked the two boys, stabbing Naoya in the leg and forcing Yuuya to drag him to safety.

A group of students heard the broadcast and immediately started to advance on Mei, chanting "Send the Dead back to Death." Miss Mikami arrived and tried to stop them, but Yukito Tsujii ignored her warning, lashed out with a mop and tried to kill Mei, only for Mikami to take the blow herself, seemingly killing her. Furious, Kouichi Sakakibara punched Yukito and nearly came to blows with Kenzou Kawahori, only for Mei to take his hand and urge him to flee. Next they encountered another unstable classmate, Yumi, who brandished a knife and vowed to kill Mei and "avenge her brother." Not even breaking stride, Kouichi kneed her in the gut, apologizing as he and Mei fled.

Keiko tries to kill Teshigawara

Keiko tries to kill Naoya

Pursued by an angry mob led by the now irate Yumi, Kouichi and Mei attempted to escape out a window. Yumi attempted to pursue them, laughing hysterically and slashing wildly at Mei, but Kouichi managed to pull her to safety. Yumi, with no one similarly watching out for her, slipped out the window and fell two stories, landing on her head, and then falling to a very unnatural pose on the ground.

Mikami defendeing Mei

Mikami protects Mei

Meanwhile, Makoto Ouji and Noboru Saruta, who were among the students Kouichi instructed to flee, are discussing whether Mei was the dead one. Though, when Noboru smelled smoke, Makoto opened the dining room doors. Suddenly given more oxygen, the flames created a back draft, which exploded violently and killed him instantly, leaving Noboru staring in horror at his friend's charred body.

The explosion sent shock waves through the Inn, partially collapsing the stairwell Kouichi and Mei had taken refuge in. Attempting to catch their breath, the two were found by Takako, who stabbed a distracted Kouichi in the arm, ensuring he couldn't protect Mei. Takako, however, tried to reassure her friend he wasn't in any danger, since not only was he not the Extra himself (and therefore not someone she'd willingly kill), she also thought Izumi was "fond" of him. This amnesty did not, unfortunately, extend to Mei, who Takako immediately tried to kill again. Mei was unwilling to fight back, possibly realizing Takako didn't mean it, instead simply dodging her classmate's strikes. However, Takako become caught in loose wires broken free by Manabu's explosion. Struggling to free herself, she inadvertently caused more of the ceiling to collapse instead, setting off a chain reaction which hoisted her up into the air, where she agonizingly strangled to unconsciousness, while Kouichi and Mei watched in helpless horror. (In real life death by strangulation takes a few more minutes, and Takako could have been saved if Kouichi and Mei had acted immediately.)

Staring at his friend's body, Kouichi asked Mei why such horrible things kept happening. Before she could answer, however, Izumi appeared. At first relieved to find Kouichi and Mei were still alive, Izumi's joy turned to fury when she recognized whose body Mei, Takako's weapon in her hand, was standing under. Unaware of what had transpired, Izumi concluded Mei really was the Extra and had murdered Takako for figuring this out, before vowing to to kill her in revenge.

Mei, watching her friend's death, had, however, reached an epiphany. She knew who the extra is, and had been about to speak the name at the end of the previous episode. Thinking back to Yumi's death and Takako's violent demise, she asked rhetorically if killing the Extra would end the deaths. Not waiting for an answer, she ran upstairs, intent on going to where she had last seen the extra and killing that person. Kouichi tried to follow, only for Takako's body to come loose, burying her in the rubble and cutting Kouichi and Izumi off from Mei. Helpless, Kouichi called his friend's name, but did not get a response.

The explosion

The explosion