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Stand by Oneself
Lightning struck+Fire
Episode Information
Kanji 死者
Romaji Shisha
Air date March 27th, 2012
Opening -
Ending Anamnesis
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Stand by Oneself is the twelfth episode of Another, and the series finale. It aired on March 27th, 2012.


Student 02
Episode 12 Glass

After the explosion, everyone is desperate to escape from the building. In the chaos, Yukito Tsujii, San Watanabe, Sayuri Kakinuma, and Kenzou Kawahori are running terrified. The chandelier falls on them, but didn't kill anyone. At the same time, Matsuko Arita was wandering the lodge when an explosion launched her outside with no severe injuries. Kenzou wasn't affected by the chandelier falling and tries to escape only to be crushed by a pillar. The others escaped with Tatsuji Chibiki's help. Naoya Teshigawara is pushed out of a window by Yuuya Mochizuki as Keiko continued to chase them. Mochizuki tries to jump out as well but he's grabbed by Keiko Numata, who tries to pull him back in.

Kazami kill Matsui

Naoya jumps up and tugs back, sending all 3 crashing to the ground. Keiko then jumps on Naoya and is about to stab him when Tatsuji comes and kills her. He then leads them to his car where he tends to Naoya's wound. Tomohiko Kazami for unknown reasons believed that Kyouko Kaneki and Aki Matsui are the extra, killing them from behind. On discovering that Kouichi remembers Aki, he decides Kouichi is the dead one and he tries to kill Kouichi saying that because of him Yukari is dead.


Izumi knocked him out with an iron rod. She says he doesn't deserve to live as he killed two classmates, and when she's about to kill him saying that now he can follow Yukari in death, Izumi is stopped by Tatsuji Chibiki, who tells her that classmates shouldn't kill each other. However, Tomohiko dies later because of his injuries and Naoya Teshigawara seemed very affected by his death as he screamed "Damn it!" a few times and cried loud. Kouichi returns in the building searching for Mei who was still inside. He found Mei and Izumi face-to-face. Izumi tries to kill Mei and Kouichi protects her. When Izumi finally gets a hold of Mei and Kouichi Sakakibara, she attempts to kill them both, but at that moment the lightning strikes.

Telling Kouichi the story

Izumi, impaled by the shards before she dies.

The lightning shatters the hall's giant window, and large glass shards are sent flying towards them. Izumi ends up being skewered against the wall by the glass shards; Kouichi and Mei somehow escape getting hit by any of them. Kouichi is shocked and removes her from the wall. While lying on the floor bleeding, Izumi Akazawa tells Kouichi that they had actually met before, one and a half year ago.


Kouichi finds out Reiko is the dead one

She was upset over the loss of her brother and kicked a can from the top of the riverbank, which hit Kouichi who was down below. She rushed down to apologize but tripped and fell and had to be helped up by Kouichi. She asks whether Kouichi remembers this and he replies that he doesn't. She then smirks and tells him that he should at least pretend to remember and dies. Mei Misaki had disappeared while Kouichi was tending to Izumi. Kouichi called her and asked her where she is. She told him and also said that he doesn't want to come there. Kouichi realized Mei is trying to kill the dead one and goes there only to find out that, his aunt, Reiko Mikami as Mikami-Sensei is the dead one. At first, he didn't believe it, but Mei comes with strong reasons, claiming that she saw when Reiko was assaulted and thrown in the river, resulting in her death. As well as the fact that their class is only one in whole school to have an assistant teacher. And finally, he admits that she is the extra and offers himself to kill her. When he does his condition worsens and he falls unconscious.


Reiko's grave

They are later seen at Reiko's grave, and briefly joined by Chibiki, discussing that they, Kouichi and Mei, are the only ones who remember Reiko Mikami in the current year. Chibiki then tells them that Keiko and Kensaku Numata were Ikuo Takabayashi's grandparents, who were depressed over their grandson's death. Kouichi mentions that he saw the name Kazuma Akazawa on the file, which had seven x marks of the deceased, from two years ago and Chibiki tells them that Kazuma was Izumi’s cousin, but they were raised more like siblings. After that, Kouichi and Mei then walk together, talking about what happened and that only they can see Reiko in the photo taken in the class trip. The anime ends with Naoya and Mochizuki putting a CD they recorded about how to stop the calamity into the cleaning supplies locker in their 3-3 classroom.


  • Takako Sugiura is replaced by Sayuri Kakinuma, Noboru Saruta and Makoto Ouji are replaced by Tomohiko Kazami, and Yumi Ogura is replaced by Matsuko Arita in the opening sequence.
    • This is the most drastic change to the opening in the series; it also makes Noboru the only character dropped from the opening who didn't actually die. Likewise, Tomohiko is the only character killed in the episode whose opening he first appeared in.
  • This episodes includes most deaths on-screen with six, not including those killed in flashbacks.
  • Tomohiko and Izumi are both killed, even though Tomohiko survives in every other iteration of Another and Izumi Akazawa survived in the manga. This makes Tomohiko the first character who survived the original novel to be killed in an adaption; he is joined in this distinction by the film versions of Naoya and Chibiki.