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Bone Work
Episode 3
Episode Information
Kanji 骨組
Romaji Honegumi
Air date January 24th, 2012
Opening Kyoumu Densen
Ending Anamnesis
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Put Flesh

Bone Work is the third episode of Another. It was aired on January 24th, 2012.


ANother 9

Mei reveals what's behind her eyepatch.

Mei Misaki reveals that her left eye is a doll's eye that can see things that should remain unseen, before telling Kouichi Sakakibara part of a story concerning a student who named Misaki who died 26 years ago, and later showing up in a graduation photo. As Kouichi's fellow students behave strangely when he brings up the tale or Mei. He later learns that the girl who died in hospital was Mei's cousin, also named Misaki.

Another 8

Yukari asks Kouichi if he has an umbrella, before offering to share hers.

Yukari Sakuragi in sheer terror when seeing Kouichi with Mei

Yukari shocked reaction after seeing Kouichi with Mei.

As Mei reveals she is something that shouldn't exist, and can apparently only be seen by Kouichi. The next day, Kouichi, Tomohiko Kazami, and Naoya Teshigawara are checking the boards and seeing future exams coming up. The three start talking on what high schools they will be attending, with Tomohiko saying he'll be going to West High. Naoya teases him and says that if his grades are that high and that they'll be stuck with each other until graduation. Kouichi then learns Naoya and Tomohiko have know each other since 2nd grade and are even neighbors. When asked where he will be going, Kouichi says he'll probably be going to a private school back in Tokyo. Izumi Akazawa then shows up and declares that she's thinking about going to a private school as well, with her asking Kouichi where he's going. Kouichi says he's thinking on K High and Izumi thinks on it hard, while Junta Nakao asking if she'll be going to Tokyo, with her saying she'll probably be on her own. Junta then has a defeated look and glares at Kouichi with him looking and turning away uneasily. After the day ends, Kouichi is shown to still be in class, and then is approached by Yukari Sakuragi, she asks if he brought an umbrella with him, and Kouichi's response is no as he didn't think he needed one. Yukari then nervously asks if he'd like to walk home with her as their houses aren't too far apart and Kouichi eventually agrees. Meanwhile Yukari, who runs in a rush and becomes shocked when she sees Kouichi with Mei, trips down the stairs. Her neck is impaled by the sharp end of her umbrella.


Yukari lies dead in a pool of her own blood at the bottom of the stairs.