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Build Limbs
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Episode Information
Kanji 拡散
Romaji Kakusan
Air date February 6th, 2012
Opening Kyoumu Densen
Ending Anamnesis
Episode Guide
Put Flesh
Face to Face

Build Limbs is the fifth episode of Another. It aired on February 6th, 2012.


Kouichi Looking At The Elevator Where Sanae Dies

Takabayashi's heart attack resulting in his death

Mizuno's death is a terrible shock and became the talk of the school, especially in Class 3-3. Kouichi visits the site of the incident and looks on in shock. Later, Kouichi tells Misaki what happened to Mizuno and asks her about the rest of the story 26 years ago. Kouichi enters the classroom and wonders why nobody's there. The teacher tells him that he can go home early. He decides to wait for Mochizuki and Takabayashi at the entrance of the school and invites them to go home with him. While they are walking, Kouichi asks them about the strange events that is happening. Takabayashi, thinking that Kouichi should also know what's happening around him, tells Kouichi to ask him anything. Kouichi asks if Mei exists. But before Takabayashi even finish what he is saying, he has a heart attack. The next day, he realizes that everybody is ignoring him as if he does not exist.

Mei's name that crossed out

Kouichi finds the classroom empty

On his way home, he heads to Studio M and looks for Mei. He hands her the lists of the students he asked from Mochizuki, and Mei's name is crossed out. Mei decides to tell him the reason why she was being ignored by her class-in order to prevent deaths from occuring each month, a student from Class 3 will be ignored and deaths can be averted that year and why Kouichi is in the same position as her.