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Face to Face
Episode Information
Kanji 二人
Romaji Futari
Air date February 13th, 2012
Opening Kyoumu Densen
Ending Anamnesis
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Face to Face is the sixth episode of Another. It aired on February 13th, 2012.



Mei and Kouichi talk

Mei Misaki and Kouichi Sakakibara continue to develop their relationship through this episode. That evening, Mei walks Kouichi home from her house while they talk about their families and their lives. They eventually reached a playground, in which they talk about the class' "countermeasures" and Kouichi tells her he thinks the class is being unreasonable. However, Mei tells him it might be worth it since it's sad when people die. When they reached the river, Mei tells Kouichi the story of her left eye and how it was removed. He tells her she shouldn't leave it covered, since he thinks it looks beautiful. After, she turns around and holds his hand, telling him "welcome to the club."


"It's sad when people die."

That night, Kouichi gets a call from his father, who tells him that he was in Yomiyama 18 months before, something that he corrects later saying he made a mistake before the line goes dead.


Mei and Kouichi

In class the next day, Mei and Kouichi indulge in different activities together including: dancing in front of the class (in Kouichi's imagination), eating lunch together, walking home together etc. They go to the library next and meet with Tatsuji Chibiki, who tells them more about the curse, and tells them that he was filled with guilt and fear, so he became a librarian instead of a teacher. Kouichi tries to ask his family more, but Reiko tells him she can't remember anything. The next day, the whole class is put in danger as Mr. Kubodera comes to class - armed with a knife.