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Hair Stand
Episode Information
Kanji 紺碧
Romaji Konpeki
Air date February 27th, 2012
Opening Kyoumu Densen
Ending Anamnesis
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Body Paint

Hair Stand is the 8th episode of Another. It aired on February 27th, 2012.

Shoji Kubodera disappears in the opening from this episode, because he died in the previous one, and is replaced by Mikami.


The watermelon splash that appears similar to blood

Kouichi and Reiko are talking about the calamity from 1983. As Reiko cannot remember anything, they decide to go talk to Katsumi Matsunaga, who, along with Reiko, was in Class 3-3 in the past, and who was said to have stopped the calamity halfway through the year.

Kouichi and Reiko talk

Kouichi and Reiko are later seen preparing for the class trip. At that moment,

Everyone ready to go on the trip

Teshigawara (with a huge backpack) and Mochizuki arrive. Later, Akazawa pulls up with Nakao and Takako in her car. A father, presumably Izumi's, is briefly seen in the driver's seat.

Kouichi and Akazawa talk

Akazawa then tells Teshigawara to ride in her car. As he climbs in, he expects Akazawa to join him, but she instead shuts the door behind him and gets into Reiko's car.

In the car, everyone talks a little bit about the calamity, and Kouichi asks Akazawa about the "head of countermeasures" job. Akazawa states that its "not a popular job", but she nominated herself because she felt the others didn't really believe in the calamity, and that its her duty to stop it. Afterwards, the entire group remains quiet until they get outside of Yomiyama. Later, Akazawa says, "don't judge a book by its cover", and Kouichi states that she is easy to read. Akazawa then scoots over next to Kouichi a little seductively, and asks what he can read about her. He then tells her that she's strong, and independent. She then gets mad, saying that he is supposed to say "That's not what I meant". He then repeats that, but in an annoying voice. She says "Well, you didn't have to say that in that voice..." And he simply replies, "I have to pay you back sometimes, you know." The two then laugh.

Everyone heads to the beach

Upon arriving at their destination, Reiko goes inside to ask about Matsunaga, and returns saying that he isn't home, and that she left her number. Afterwards, Tehsigawara proposes the idea to go to the beach. The whole group goes, where the boys play pranks on

Mei off in the distance (left)

everybody, and vice versa. Kouichi then spots Mei, over by a tide pool, and she joins Kouichi and the others. He walks over to her and they begin to talk about Misaki's family. She states, that her dad is rarely in Japan, and that even though they're a family,

Mei and Kouichi's hands touch in the sand pile

they're not connected. Kouichi then tells her that sometimes it's a good thing to be connected, and their hands touch.

Feeling hungry, the gang then decide to eat. Teshigawara reveals that he packed a whole "kitchen", with a grill, silverware, cups, napkins, etc., but he forgot food. Teshigawara, then decides to have a "contest"; fish for lunch ingredients. Teshigawara decides the two teams:

  • The Countermeasures Team: Akazawa, Sugiura, and Teshigawara
  • The Non-existent Team: Sakakibara, Misaki, & Mochizuki

The group questions Matsunaga

After they finish, the only things they could eat were: kelp and a sea cucumber, which Teshigawara fished out; and an octopus, which Misaki "found" in a jar. After eating, Matsunaga arrives, and Kouichi asks about how he stopped the calamity 15 years ago. He says that he can't remember, but does know he left a hint (which wasn't paper) at the school. It is then revealed that someone had died on a mountain. Akazawa asks if that

Nakao's chopped up body

was before or after they visited the shrine 15 years ago. Suddenly, a wind blows and the beach ball the group had flies into the ocean. Nakao volunteers to get it. It is a long ways out, and from the beach it looks like he is in trouble. Several of the boys rush to go out to him, but a speeding motorboat's propeller chops

"I left it for them in the classroom."

him up. Kouichi and the others are horrified. Matsunaga goes into a state of shock, revealing that he left "[the clue] for them in the classroom."



  • The events of this episode are anime-only.