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Body Paint
20120308065651 original
Episode Information
Kanji 連鎖
Romaji Rensa
Air date March 5th, 2012
Opening Kyoumu Densen
Ending Anamnesis
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Body Paint is the 9th episode of Another series. It aired on March 5th, 2012.


Kouichi Sakakibara, Naoya Teshigawara, Yuuya Mochizuki, Mei Misaki, Katsumi Matsunaga, Reiko Mikami, Izumi Akazawa, and Takako Sugiura stand in shock as they watch as Junta Nakao's body gets chopped up by a motorboat, and flung aside.

After everything that had happened on the beach, Izumi and Takako leave, with Takako nearly catatonic following her friend's brutal death. While comforting her friend, Izumi stops to glare at Mei, holding her responsible. Kouichi, Mei, Reiko, and Tatsuji Chibiki are walking along a road, when Tatsuji asks about how Nakao was acting before he died. Kouichi tells him about Nakao's severe car sickness, and Mei adds that he couldn't swim straight, when he went to get the beach ball. Tatsuji then reveals, that when he talked to a local officer, that the man told him that Nakao's family heard a loud crash near the stairs, the morning the group went to the beach, but by the time they got to him, he was out the door. He then adds, that Nakao was dead by the time the boat even reached him, and indirectly meaning that his death wasn't outside Yomiyama, because he already caused it before they left.


Yuuya, Teshigawara, and Kouichi in Inoya cafe.

Kouichi has another guilt-ridden dream, where Yukari Sakuragi, Ikuo Takabayashi, Shoji Kubodera, Sanae Mizuno and Junta all appear one by one, bearing the wounds they suffered in death, each telling him "It's your fault."

Kouichi's-nightmare-Deceased Yukari

Yukari in Kouichi's nightmare

Screenshot 2014-05-26 08.52

Ghost Ikuo from Kouichi's nightmare.

Later, Kouichi, Yuuya, and Naoya are seen sitting at a table at Inoya, where Yuuya's sister works. Kouichi then tells them, what he heard Katsumi say: "The clue..I..left it in the classroom..", and that he does not want anyone else to get involved. After a short conversation, the group decides to meet at the art club room, 3 o'clock the next day.

After arriving at the old school building, Kouichi, and Naoya are met by Aya Ayano and Yumi Ogura, who are looking for Tatsuji. It is then revealed that he is the teacher in the Drama Club as well. They ask Kouichi and Naoya why they are there. After hesitating for a moment, they tell them that they're trying to stop the calamity, and ask if they want to come along too. The girls hesitate then decide to leave.

Screenshot 2014-05-26 08.54

Shoji in Kouichi's nightmare.

In the art room, they find Mei painting. She asks why they are there, and they hesitate to answer. Yuuya, who was late, then bursts through the door apologizing. Mei then joins their group and they head to the second floor of the old school building. While searching the clue, Mei tries to open a window to get some fresh air. Suddenly a big pane of glass separates for the window & starts falling on her. Just then Kouichi saves her by pulling her from that area. After searching around the old 9th grade Class 3 classroom, Kouichi finds something wrapped in tape stuck to the top of an old locker. After opening it, they discover it is an old cassette tape, so they head to the A/V room to play it.

Screenshot 2014-05-26 08.55

Sanae in Kouichi's nightmare

Screenshot 2014-05-26 08.56

Junta in Kouichi's nightmare, chopped.

While playing the tape, these are Matsunaga's words:

"Um...My...My name is Katsumi Matsunaga. I'm a student of the 9th grade, Class 3 of 1983. When I finish recording this, I plan to hide it somewhere in the classroom. If you're listening to this tape, you're most likely in class 3 as well. I wonder what the likelihood of that is...
"It's possible that you guys are also terrified, by the senseless disaster that I...that we...never mind. I have two reasons for leaving this tape. One is to confess a sin; My sin. I want to tell someone what I did. I need someone to listen. The other is to give you some advice so that, hopefully, this can all be avoided in the future. It's about the extra student who gets mixed up in the class, and the calamity that happens as a result. How it can be stopped. In other words... actually, I should start at the beginning.
"Our class went on a trip. We all left on August 8th, for three days, and two nights. Our homeroom teacher, Mr. Koga, had suggested that we visit a local shrine.
There's an old shrine in this town called Yomiyama Shrine. He said that if we all prayed there, he was sure the curse would be lifted. There were 22 students in all, myself included. We only half believed him. On the second day, we climbed the

The Students in 1983 praying.

mountain to visit the shrine. It was so old and run-down, like it had been abandoned by the world. Even though it bears the name of the city, it looked like it hadn't been maintained at all. So we decided to clean up the grounds while we were there. At the time, we hoped that maybe this would lift the curse. And fter we prayed, our teacher confidently declared, 'Everything will be alright now.' But it wasn't. It wasn't that easy.
"As soon as we left the shrine, the clear skies suddenly turned overcast, and it began to rain, complete with lightning strikes. As we hurried down the mountain, the first victim was a boy named Hamaguchi. He was kind of dumb.
20120308065651 original
He was the only one who had brought an umbrella. And we were on a mountain, in a lightning storm. He was walking in front of me, when..."
"For a second, my vision went white, and I heard a huge crash. Hamaguchi had been struck by lightning. I still remember the smell of his flesh burning. Anyway, the students panicked and bolted, leaving Hamaguchi behind, desperate to get off the mountain as quickly as possible. But moments after we all took off, blindly running through the rain...the second victim was taken. A girl named Hoshikawa. In her panic, she slipped, and fell off a tall, sheer cliff. All we could do was call for help at the foot of the mountain. But in the end, we couldn't save either of them. Praying at the shrine had no effect whatsoever. Now, this, this is the important part. How I ended the calamity and what you must do as well. Right after we finally reached the bottom of the mountain, that's when it happened. And by it, I mean...I...I..."

After reaching this point, a teacher appeared opening the door to check if anyone was inside, forcing Naoya to rip the tape from the player. After the teacher left, they went to play it again only to find it was destroyed. Yuuya, claimed to be able to fix it.

Elsewhere, Aya's family car is driving away from Yomiyama when a rock falls off the mountain side and breaks the windshield. The car loses control on the slippery road and goes off of a cliff. Yumi returns home to discover her brother has been killed after a truck carrying an excavator with a crane crashed into her house.


  • Junta Nakao disappears in the opening from this episode, because he died in the previous one, and is replaced by Makoto Ouji and Noboru Saruta.
  • This was the first episode to feature more than one death.