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Kouichi and Mei
Rough Sketch
Sobyō (素描)
January 9, 2012 1
Another - 02 -
Omowaku (思惑)
January 16, 2012 2
While Kōichi is talking with two of his classmates, one, Naoya Teshigawara, lets slip that Class 3-3 is cursed. Before Naoya can explain himself, Kōichi spies Mei in the library annex and joins her. He asks about her eyepatch but she refuses to tell him anything about it. The librarian, Mr. Chibiki, arrives and tells Kōichi to leave. Later, troubled by his interactions with Mei, Kōichi goes to the hospital and asks a nurse he met during his stay there, Sanae Mizuno, about a girl who may have died on the night of his discharge. Although she doesn't know much about it at first, she later calls him back to say that a junior high school student did indeed die that night and that her name was something like Misaki or Masaki. Kōichi, who was standing in front of a mysterious puppet museum when he got the call, debating whether or not to go inside, is shocked by the revelation and resolves to enter. There, he meets Mei, who decides to show him what is under her eyepatch.
Episode 3
Bone work
Honegumi (骨組)
January 24, 2012 3
Mei reveals that one of her eyes is a doll's eye, before admitting that the girl who died in the hospital was her cousin, whose name was Misaki Fujioka. She then tells Kōichi part of a story concerning a student also called Misaki from 26 years ago, who died partway through the school year but still appeared on the class graduation photo. Much to his dismay, Kōichi's fellow students continue to behave strangely when he brings up the tale or Mei, which further increases his confusion. In class the next day, Mei enigmatically claims she is "something that doesn't exist," and can apparently only be seen by Kōichi. At the same time, another student, Yukari, receives bad news about her mother and rushes out of the classroom; shocked upon seeing Mei and Kōichi, she trips down the stairs; her umbrella lands point up and impales her throat, killing her.
Put flesh
Rinkaku (輪郭)
January 31, 2012 4
A week following Yukari's death, Kōichi has lunch with Sanae to ask her thoughts on Mei and the story from 26 years ago. Afterwards, he encounters another classmate named Ayano, whom he manages to save when they are nearly crushed by a falling sheet of glass. She promptly breaks down in tears and screams that she doesn't want to die. Kōichi once again goes to the puppet museum to see Mei, but she refuses to tell him the rest of the story. As Sanae contacts Kōichi the next day over whether Mei actually exists or not, she is killed when the elevator she is riding falls down the shaft and crushes her.
Another - 05 - Large 32
Build limbs
Kakusan (拡散)
February 7, 2012 5
While Kōichi is being interrogated by the police regarding Sanae's death, Class 3-3 has an emergency meeting. Upon his return, the classroom is empty and Kōichi's classmates are nowhere to be found. He runs into Yūya and Ikuo Takabayashi on his way home and asks them for answers, but Ikuo has a heart attack and dies before he can respond. The following day, Kōichi is completely ignored by his classmates. As he tries to understand why the class is acting this way, he receives a note telling him that Mei can give him an explanation. Later on, he visits the doll shop once again, and Mei finally reveals the mystery behind the deaths and the history of Class 3-3.
Face to Face
Futari (二人)
February 14, 2012 6
Through a flashback, it is shown how Mei was chosen as the student to be ignored. Mei and Kōichi's discussion continue until the arrival of Mei's mother, the one who makes the dolls for the museum. They seem to have a very distant relationship, which surprises Kōichi. Later, while Kōichi is on the phone with his father, the latter asks him how it feels to be back in Yomiyama after being gone for a year and a half, to which Kōichi responds he's never been there before. His father appears to think it over then claims it was a mistake, and the call is cut off. Some time afterwards, Mei and Kōichi go to the library and discuss the calamity with Chibiki, who reveals he's kept records of the events over the past 26 years and shares his findings with them.
Another- 07 - Large 14
Sphere joint
Henchō (変調)
February 21, 2012 7
Mr. Kubodera, the homeroom teacher, stabs himself to death in front of his class, leaving the students traumatized. It is later revealed that before killing himself, Kubodera had also murdered his ailing mother. This event proves that the countermeasures in effect so far have been unsuccessful, so Mei and Kōichi's existence are once again acknowledged by their classmates. Afterwards, Kōichi meets up with Yūya, Naoya, and Izumi in a cafe, where Yūya's older half-sister tells them about Katsumi Matsunaga. A former Class 3-3 student, he managed to stop the phenomenon back in 1983, and left information on how he did it for future students to find. However, it seems as though he does not remember what or where this information may be. Kōichi explains the situation to Mei, including his fear of being the dead one behind this year's calamity, to which she eerily responds that "You are not the one."
Hair stand
Konpeki (紺碧)
February 28, 2012 8
Kōichi, Reiko, and a few students from Class 3-3 go to a nearby beach resort to meet with Matsunaga. Although tense at first, they are all relieved when they successfully leave Yomiyama without any incident, convinced that the curse is ineffective outside the town. As Katsumi is busy, they go to the beach and spend the afternoon having fun, even organizing a fishing contest for food. Katsumi joins them later on, but still doesn't remember what clue he's left or where, though he does mention that it isn't paper. Suddenly, the weather acts up and a gust of wind blows the beach ball far into the water. One of the students, Nakao, volunteers to bring it back but drowns in the process. Shortly after, his body is torn up by a motorboat, prompting everyone to realize that the curse may not be limited to Yomiyama. Katsumi, clearly in a state of shock, mutters that he "protected them" and that he's left "it" (presumably the clue) in the classroom.
Zombie Yukari
Body paint
Rensa (連鎖)
March 6, 2012 9
Following Nakao's funeral, Chibiki reveals that Nakao most likely died from a head trauma he received whilst still in Yomiyama. After a discussion, Kōichi, Yūya, and Naoya decide to look for the item Katsumi mentioned in the old school building. The group runs into Mei, and the four of them search the old 3-3 classroom. There, Kōichi finds an audio tape by Katsumi, in which he explains what happened on the school trip to the shrine 15 years ago. Although praying at the shrine proved ineffective, something did happen that was very important; however, before it can be revealed, a teacher arrives, forcing the group to hide. Naoya accidentally breaks the cassette in the process, but Yūya offers to repair it. Meanwhile, Ayano and her family, who were moving out of town, are killed when their car is hit by a falling rock and steers off a cliff, whilst Yumi returns home to discover her brother has been killed after a truck carrying an excavator crashed into her house.
Shake hand
Glass eye
Shikkoku (漆黒)
March 13, 2012 10
As the class goes on its trip, Kōichi and the others listen to the repaired tape, in which Katsumi explains he accidentally killed someone in a fistfight. When he couldn't find the body the next day, he discovered no one else knew of the dead one, leading him to the conclusion he had killed the "extra student", believing that is what can stop the calamity. During dinner that night, as Izumi starts blaming Mei for the deaths, a boy suffers an asthma attack. Chibiki offers to drive him to the hospital. Later that night, Mei invites Kōichi to her room to show him the haunted Class 3-3 photo of 1972, before revealing her cousin, Misaki Fujioka, was actually her twin sister, as she herself was taken in by her aunt when her pregnancy failed. This brings up the prospect that Fujioka's death in April was the first that occurred, meaning the extra student was already in the class before Kōichi arrived. Mei then explains how her doll's eye lets her see the "colour of death", which is her proof that Kōichi is not the "extra student". Before she can reveal who the extra is, Naoya bursts in, saying he may have just killed someone innocent.
Sangeki (惨劇)
March 20, 2012 11
Naoya explains how he pushed Tomohiko off the balcony, believing him to be the extra person. As Kōichi and Mei go with Naoya to check if he is still alive, Kōichi finds that someone had been stabbed, the dining hall on fire, and the manager killed. As Naoya and Yūya discover the tape has gone missing, they are attacked and chased after by the hotel mistress. Meanwhile, Izumi's friend Takako Sugiura, who believes Mei is the extra one, due to being different to the Misaki she knew in elementary school, broadcasts the tape across the hotel, ordering everyone to kill Mei. As Kōichi and Mei try to escape, Ms. Mikami is "killed" protecting Mei, whilst Yumi dies trying chase after them. After a backdraft from the dining hall kills another student, Takako injures Kōichi and comes after Mei, but is strangled to death when she gets caught in some wires. As Izumi comes onto the scene, believing Mei killed Takako, Mei runs off, leaving Kōichi behind.
Lightning struck+Fire
Stand by oneself
Shisha (死者)
March 27, 2012 12
As more students die trying to escape from the hotel, Chibiki arrives to save Naoya and Yūya from the killer. Meanwhile, Kōichi comes across Kazami, who had been randomly killing students in order to find the extra one and starts attacking Kōichi, but is literally stopped dead by Izumi. Kōichi returns to the house where he finds Izumi attempting to kill Mei, only for her to be hit by shattered glass caused by a lightning strike. As she passes away, she mentions Kōichi about how they had met a year and a half ago. As Kōichi finds Mei later on, he learns that the extra one is Ms. Mikami - Aunt Reiko - who died a year and a half ago. Realising the memories he had forgotten, Kōichi reluctantly kills Reiko himself, ending the calamity, though he passes out from relapse. After Kōichi and Mei reflect on the memories they may soon forget, they and the other students record a new message for those who may face the calamity in the future. As Naoya and Yūya hide the message, the last lines of the message are heard: "That's how to stop the calamity. How you interpret this is up to you. Just carefully consider your actions. Think it through, and discuss it with your you'll have no regrets."


Screenshot Title Air Date Episode
Tumblr m0sn5iAEXI1r1geyyo1 500
"The Other -Karma-"
"Inga" (因果)
May 26, 2012 00
Fourteen year-old Mei secretly meets with her twin sister, Misaki. With her mother away, Mei invites Misaki to spend the night at her house. As Misaki sleeps that night, Mei starts to see the color of death on her through her doll's eye. As such, she starts to become very protective of her whilst going to an amusement park the next day. Whilst riding a ferris wheel, a bird causes Misaki to fall out of her carriage, but thankfully the carriage was low enough that she wasn't in danger. However, as they part ways, Misaki suddenly collapses, later being admitted into hospital and dying from leukemia. As Mei goes to give her final farewells to Misaki, she has her first meeting with Kōichi.


  • Except for the OVA, the titles of the episodes refer to the different steps of doll making, specifically those similar to Kirika's dolls.