Haruka Etou
Kanji 江藤 悠
Romaji Etou Haruka
Personal Information
Born 1983
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 162 cm
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Dark Pink
Occupation Student
Status Alive
First appearance
Anime "Rough Sketch"
Voice Actors
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown

Haruka Etou is a student of 9 Grade Class 3 in 1998. She sits behind Mochizuki in the classroom.


Haruka has short, purple-brown hair, which she styles in a somewhat masculine way. She, like the rest of her class, wears the default female school uniform.


Haruka seems to be a sociable girl as she is seen with many girls from her class, such as Matsuko, Megumi and Naomi. She looks an innocent and humble person. Judging her style she seems to like sports.


Haruka was one of the students of class 3-3, though she didn't take part in many of the class's discussions about the curse, suggesting she may have been one of the students who didn't believe in it in the first place. She was friends with Naomi, whom she often ate lunch with.

Haruka was in class when her teacher committed suicide ("Sphere Joint"), and was one of the students who fled the class following that event. She was later seen sitting on the floor, in shock.

In "Body Paint", she appeared in Kouichi's nightmare along with the rest of the class, suggesting Kouichi was concerned for her safety, though this was probably more in a general sense as the two never actually spoke.

Probably as a result of her traumatic experience in class, Haruka didn't go on the class trip, meaning she is almost certainly still alive.


Another 107

Haruka character ranking.

  • Haruka is ranked A+ in the Another characters ranking. She is the highest ranked minor character in the series.
  • Her home address is 7-22 Harakawacho, Yomiyama City.
  • Her first name, Haruka, means "distance."


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