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"It's not fair for her to force her own ideas on the rest of us! There must be so many things you wanna know, Kouichi."

—Ikuo's last words to Kouchi.

Ikuo Takabayashi
Ikuo Profile
Kanji 高林 郁夫
Romaji Takabayashi Ikuo
Personal Information
Born 1983. 09. 26
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 165 cm/5' 5"
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Greenish
Occupation High School Student
Family Keiko Numata (Grandmother)
Kensaku Numata (Grandfather)
Vital Information
Affiliation "Deaths of June"
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Heart attack.
First appearance
Manga Chapter 7 (Mentioned)
Anime "Rough Sketch"
Voice Actors
Japanese Shou Takano
English Blake Shepard

Ikuo Takabayashi was a student from 9th Grade Class 3 in 1998, and one of the "Deaths of June". His maternal grandparents, Kensaku and Keiko Numata are owners Sakitani Kinenkan. He's appeared to be Suguru Yamada in the Live Action Movie.


Ikuo was a boy with a fair complexion, thin complexion and below average height. He's shorter than his other classmates, to the point that he's one of the shortest boys in the class. He had short greenish-brown hair, which was divided into 2 large locks between his forehead, green eyes, and freckles on his face. As a high school student, Ikuo does not usually wear the men's school uniform jacket, instead wearing a dark blue vest, which he wears over a long white shirt. Ikuo even has some feminine features, such as like having curvy hips and long eyelashes. He even has a bit of high-pitched voice. His design in the manga is absolutely unknown, since this character was never seen there, just a mention of his name by his classmate and good friend.

Ikuo Death

Ikuo suffers a cardiorespiratory arrest.


It is shown that Ikuo used to be quite a quiet and shy boy, who doesn't have many friends. He reveals in Rough Sketch that he wants to be a runner, but has a heart condition that makes that dream impossible. He also shows great courage: only he is willing to tell Kouichi Sakakibara the reason why everyone was ignoring him and Mei, even though he knew what would likely happen if he did.


A quiet boy who sat in the back of the class, Ikuo Takabayashi was frequently absent from school due to his weak heart. In "Rough Sketch", he was among the students who welcomed Kouichi to Class 3 on his first day.

Later, he was seen in the background in Blueprint, where he did draw with the others. He sits at the same table as Kouichi , San Watanbe and Megumi Tatara.

He even were seen in Bone Work, where he walked home with a dark blue umbrella and light blue backpack.

in Episode 4 , he stared at Kouichi when he arrived with the rest of the class. He were seen in the background again, reading a book (what could even be a manga) and even resting by closing his eyes.

Ikuo was one of the students Izumi pulled into the all class meeting to discuss her new countermeasures. In "Build Limbs", when Kouichi asked him and Mochizuki to walk home with him, Ikuo was willing to tell him the truth, saying how he didn't like how Izumi Akazawa was handling the situation. Before he could reveal anything, however, he immediately had a heart attack and died. He is one of the "Deaths of June."

He later appears in Kouichi's nightmare in "Body Paint", accusing Kouichi of causing his death, suggesting Kouichi felt guilty about it.

In the manga, his death is off-screen and is only mentioned by Yuuya, who received this news in a phone call. Unlike the anime, in the manga, his death was the catalyst for the class ignoring Kouichi, rather than being caused by it.



He wasn't that tipical popular boy in class 3-3, but nonetheless he had close ties to many of his classmates, including:

Kouichi Sakakibara[]

Ikuo were one of those students who did welcome Kouichi at his first day at school. Ikuo even called Kouichi by his first name, which suggets that Ikuo liked Kouichi very much (According to some fans, not just in a friendly way). When the two talked at P.E. class on the bench, he told Kouichi about his heart condition and Kouichi supported him on staying strong and to not give up on his dreams. And when Ikuo suddenly felt a bit ill, Kouichi offered his help tp him, but Ikuo did cancelled it, which suggets that Ikuo didn't wanted to put more weight on Kouichi's shoulders by this.

Later on, in Ep 5, Ikuo did accept with Yuuya Kouichi's offer about walking home together. When they did so, Kouichi started to ask questions as always, to which Yuuya's replies were only about he doesn't have to know yet, what of course caused Ikuo to feel pity for Kouichi, and then even a bit of annoyance that no one wants him to know the truth. So then Ikuo collected all of his courage and told Kouichi his opinions on Izumi's way of handeling the sitation and the whole curse, what suggets that he trusts in Kouichi,and he even wills to tell him everything he wants to know.

But just before he could answer, he got a sudden heart attack and died. Kouichi were terrified too, so it can be seen that Kouichi did care about his friend.


  • He is ranked C in Another characters ranking.
  • His home address is 7-10 Tobiicho Yomiyama City.
  • His first name, Ikuo, means "fragrant man".
  • He and Yuuya Mochizuki are best friends in the anime, but only passing acquaintances in the manga and novel.
  • He does not appear in the manga and book but is mentioned. His role is vastly expanded in the anime. In the Live Action Movie, his character changed fully. His name got changed to Suguru Yamada, and even their appearance changed a lot. Their deaths wasn't really connected, because Yamada died of a car accident, and Ikuo died of a heart attack.
  • In Chapter 8 Page 1 Kouichi refers to Takabayashi as "Her." This is a fan translation error, what could be a mocking of Ikuo's slightly feminine appearance.
  • His death is the least gruesome but most painful and long death in the whole series. (Including Takako Sugiura's and Yukari Sakuragi's, who's death was the most bloodiest.)
  • There are theories about his dad being seen on a class photo, People call his father Kenji Takabayashi. However, It's not confirmed.
  • He seems to be one of those students who didn't ignore Mei, because he did say her name in his last moments.
  • He's 165'cm (5',5") tall, so he's the second shortest male student in 1998. (Manabu being the first.)


-I wish i could run with all my strength..

-So I guess, you have been running before..

-I'm gonna.. Go to the nurse's office and lie down..

-It's just not fair. I have to say, I can't agree with Akazawa's way of handleing the situation!

-It's all your fault,Kouichi .


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