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Izumi Akazawa
Kanji 赤沢 泉美
Romaji Akazawa Izumi
Personal Information
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 165 cm (5' 5")
Eye Color Reddish Brown
Hair Color Reddish Brown
Occupation Student, Head of Countermeasures
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed older brother
Vital Information
Affiliation Class Officer; Countermeasures
Status Alive
First appearance
Manga Chapter 2


Not much is known about Izumi's history, but she is close friends with Yukari Sakuragi. She also has a troubled home life, having an older brother who failed to find a job after leaving school, and now shuts himself up in his room. Her brother would often spend nights violently punching the walls of his room out of depression, placing severe strain on Izumi.

On the first day of Class 3-3, Izumi watched as fellow student Mei Misaki was chosen as the 'non-existent'. Misaki was seemingly unaffected, and calmly accept the role. Having a troubled home life, seeing Misaki so unaffected even when having such responsibility led Izumi to develop a deep resentment, bordering on outright hatred, but she did not reveal this to Misaki.


Izumi Akazawa debuts in Chapter Two, returning to school after an absence to find a new student in the class. Watching the student conversing with his fellow students from afar, Izumi asks her close friend, Yukari Sakuragi, about the student. Yukari informs her that the student is Kouichi Sakakibara, the class's new transfer student, who arrived while Izumi was absent. Izumi chooses not to introduce herself to the new student.

It isn't until Chapter Four that Izumi makes herself known to Kouichi. In the corridor, Izumi overheard Kouichi asking Teshigawara and Tomohiko Kazami about the story of Misaki Yomiyama's death. Angrily confronting him, Izumi asked Kouichi who told him the story and how much he knew. Though in actuality Mei Misaki told him the story, a startled Kouichi replied that he overheard the story from other students, and only heard the part about Misaki dying. Izumi appeared unconvinced, but at that moment Miss Mikami interrupted, ending the confrontation. Izumi then leaves and meets with Yukari, who was waiting at the end of the corridor.

Yukari's Death[]

Izumi is present during the exams at the end of May, and watches as Kouichi finishes early and is excused from the classroom along with Mei. Minutes later, a fellow teacher rushes into the classroom and informs Yukari that her mother had been in an accident. Izumi presumably watches as her best friend rushes out the classroom. As she makes her way down the stairs, Yukari slips and her umbrella impales her through the throat, killing her instantly.

The incident leaves the class terrified that the deaths of Yukari and her mother meant the calamity had begun, and Izumi, in particular, was grief-stricken at the loss of her best friend. Near the beginning of Chapter 5, Izumi attends their funeral, and weeps at the sight of the dual coffins. At some point, Izumi learns that Takako Sugiura saw Yukari through the classroom window, seconds before her death. Yukari had initially made her way to the east staircase, which was closer, but encountered Mei and Kouichi. Shaken at the sight of Kouichi conversing with the non-existent, Yukari changed direction and rushed to the west staircase where she met her demise. Izumi blames Mei and Kouichi for Yukari's death, Mei in particular. In Chapter 6, Izumi enters the classroom later than usual and ignores Kazami when he comments on this. Brushing past Kouichi, Izumi coldly glares at him and tells him that she would not forgive him.

The New Countermeasure[]

In Chapter 7, the day after Takeru Mizuno's sister, Sanae is killed in an elevator accident, Izumi, Teshigawara, Sugiura and another student spot Kouichi discussing Sanae's death with Mei, treating her like she existed yet again. Growing more and more concerned that Kouichi's actions are endangering the other classmates, Izumi and her friends decide to hold a class meeting to deal with the situation. While Kouichi is called to the student council room for police questioning concerning the circumstances behind Sanae's death, the entire class is called to a meeting room. During the meeting, Izumi is made the new female representative, replacing the deceased Yukari, and a new countermeasure is made: they will turn Kouichi into a non-existent along with Mei, hoping to undo the damage he had presumably caused by fraternizing with her and strengthening the charm.

Izumi and the rest of the class place this countermeasure into effect the next morning, after Ikuo Takabayashi dies at home due to illness. At the beginning of the class, she, Mr. Kubodera, Kazami over see the farewell ceremony for Takabayashi, and urge the class to keep the new countermeasure in place. When Kouichi, confused as to why no-one was acknowledging him, confronts Teshigawara, he is cries out in shock. Quickly intervening, Izumi approaches and tells Teshigawara not to talk to himself.

Izumi and the rest of the class continue to uphold the new countermeasure up until Chapter 11. One morning, Mr. Kubodera enters the classroom appearing slightly unstable. Unknown to the students at the time, he has become overcome with despair and had killed his bed-ridden mother hours before. Standing at his desk, Kubodera apologies to the students for being unable to teach them any longer, and suddenly begins twitching. Pulling a knife from his bag, Kubodera tells the students that the calamity is their problem from now on, and proceeds to stab himself in the throat. The horrified students fled the classroom, and those remaining were ordered out by school librarian Mr. Chibiki when he discovers the scene.

With it now obvious that making two students non-existent had failed to stop the calamity, a traumatized and enraged Izumi tearfully confronts Kouichi and Mei outside the classroom, telling them that all the deaths so far was their fault for consorting with each other. Izumi continues to scream that it was all their fault as the chapter ends.

A Troubled Home Life[]

After Kubodera's death, the original classroom was closed off and the class was moved to a new room. Once the new countermeasure proved to be a failure, the class began acknowledging Kouichi and Mei's existence again. After her outburst towards the two students, Izumi kept her distance from them. Eventually, Miss Mikami informs the class that in a few weeks they would go on a class trip to the Yomiyama Shrine, hoping that praying to the shrine would stop the calamity.

At home, the situation with her brother grew steadily worse: her brother's habit of punching the wall at night continues to distress Izumi, who would cover her ears every time in an attempt to shut out the noise. With the stress caused by her brother and the threat of the calamity looming over her, Izumi begins to grow terrified that she might be the next to die. One evening, Izumi lies in her bed, gazing at a picture of her and Yukari, when she hears a crash outside. When she goes out to investigate, she finds that her brother has just smashed a plate of his dinner on the floor. He glances at Izumi before rushing back into his room, leaving their mother to clean the mess up.

Later that night, after another round of punching the walls that drives Izumi to tears, the bedroom is too hot for Izumi to sleep, and she steps out into the corridor. She notices that her brother's bedroom door is open. Finding this out of place, Izumi investigates, and discovers that her brother had hung himself. Distraught at the sight, Izumi breaks down screaming. Knowing that there was no-one she could count on to save her, Izumi decides at that moment that from now on, she would count on herself.

The Class Trip[]

On the 8th of October, Izumi is one of the few classmates attending the class trip. On the hike up to the Sakitani Memorial Hall where the class would be staying for the next couple of days, Teshigawara expresses his condolences to Izumi for her brother's death. Izumi merely replies that it couldn't have been helped. When they reach the hall, Yuuya Mochizuki suggests taking a commemorative photo, to which the class accepts. Izumi does not participate and stands to the side, glaring hatefully at Mei all the while.

It is decided that the class would travel to the shrine tomorrow, and in the meantime the students are to wait in their rooms until dinner. While walking through the corridor, Izumi spots Mei going into Kouichi's room. Intrigued, Izumi listens at their door, and finds that the pair are listening to a tape that Katsumi Matsunaga, a student from fifteen years ago had made. What she learns amazes her: fifteen years ago, the class had also gone on a class trip to the shrine. Praying to the shrine failed to stop the calamity, and two students died that same night. Eventually, Katsumi and another student got into a fight over the deaths, ending with Katsumi killing the student. The student disappeared without a trace the next morning, and the other students no longer remembered the student ever existing. Katsumi eventually figured out the truth: the student he had killed had been the extra one all along, and by killing him he had stopped the calamity for that year. Izumi is shaking by the time Katsumi gives the following advice: kill the extra one and 'send the dead back to death.'

Izumi Confronts Mei

Izumi confronts Mei at the Inn.

That afternoon in the dining hall, once everyone had eaten their meals, Izumi stands up to give a speech. Once Miss Mikami gives permission, Izumi openly confronts Mei and Kouichi, claiming that they were responsible for the misfortune the class has experienced. She places most of the blame on Mei in particular, for not properly playing the role of the non-existent, and expresses anger that after she stopped being the non-existent she apparently continued acting as if nothing was wrong. Izumi demands that Mei apologize for her actions. Though Mei declares that apologizing would do nothing to help the class, she complies. A distraught Kouichi angrily defends Mei and claims that it was his fault, and an argument ensues as Mochizuki and Teshigawara also step in, declaring that stopping the calamity was more important. The argument is cut short when Kouichi collapses from his illness and is taken back to his room.

After dinner, Izumi becomes convinced that Mei is the extra one, due to her emotionless personality which Izumi likens to a doll, and makes plans to kill her. When Kouichi and Teshigawara leave the building to find an injured Kazami, leaving Mei alone, Izumi seizes her chance. She lures Mei to the kitchen, which hosts a variety of potential murder weapons, and reveals that she knows about the tape, and even questioned Teshigawara about its contents after dinner. Grabbing an ice pick, Izumi swings at Mei, but only manages to scratch her face and knock her to the floor. Izumi declares that killing Mei would stop the calamity and asks if she agrees. When Mei replies that she is not the dead one, an enraged Izumi grabs her by the hair and screams at her to shut up. Utterly convinced that Mei is the extra, Izumi throw Mei back to the floor and pins her, and in her rage reveals how much she has hated her since the beginning of the school year. Izumi shouts that has always hated that Mei is so emotionless even when she has the world on her shoulders, as if she was just a doll. Izumi's words causes Mei to recall memories of how her adoptive mother always treated her like another of her dolls, and shows emotion to Izumi for the first time, declaring that she is not doll, and she is not dead. Izumi screams at Mei to shut up, and thrusts the ice pick into her left eye.

Believing that now she had killed Mei, she would no longer need to fear dying, Izumi drops the ice and laughs in satisfaction. Suddenly, Mei moans, and tells her again that she isn't dead. When a shocked Izumi looks closer, she sees that the eye she stabbed is made of glass. As she takes this in, a stroke of lightning strikes the building, shaking the kitchen and knocking Izumi to the floor. As fire begins to consume the building, Mei gets up and tells Izumi to leave, lest she becomes a victim of August. Feeling no ill will towards Izumi for what she had tried to do, before she leaves, Mei tells her once more that she is not dead. She adds that Izumi isn't dead either: she is still alive. Mei's words greatly affect Izumi, and when Mr. Chibiki finds her in the kitchen minutes later and carries her to safety, she mourns for Yukari and her brother.

Ultimately, Izumi survives the calamity: while she is being rescued by Chibiki, Mei and Kouichi find the true extra one and kill them, ending the calamity for that year.

After The Class Trip[]

After the disastrous class trip, Izumi is sent to hospital with minor injuries, and her hair is cut into a bob after it was burned in the fire. While she is reading in bed, Izumi is surprised when a recovered Kazami shoves a reluctant Teshigawara into the room. Having had a crush on Izumi for some time, Teshigawara nervously greets her, and comments that she cut her hair. Finding his comment oddly amusing, Izumi giggles, showing happiness for the first time in the series, and tells him that her hair was burned.

Comparison to the Anime[]

Being the first adaptation of the novel, the manga's version of Izumi is the one upon which all future iterations of the character are based (Izumi was a minor, support character in the novel but has become a major character and most often a foil for Mei in all other versions of the tale). In the manga, however, her role at the beginning was significantly smaller than in the anime: she was not present when Tomohiko and Yukari met Kouichi at the hospital, for example, and did not shake his hand. She is also much closer to Yukari in the manga (the two were at best merely acquaintances in the anime, as Izumi was much closer to Takako who had a much larger role in that adaptation). Though Kouichi comments at one point that Izumi is often at the center of a huge group of friends, the manga version of her character is much more withdrawn and alone, unwilling to seek help from others. She is also much more hostile toward Kouichi in the manga; in the anime the two were fairly close friends by the end.


  • Her hair is much shorter in the manga than in the anime.