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Junta Nakao
Junta profile
Kanji 中尾 順太
Romaji Nakao Junta
Personal Information
Born 1983
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 170 cm/5' 7"
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Occupation High School Student
Vital Information
Affiliation Countermeasures Helper
"Deaths of July"
Status Deceased
Cause of Death A brain aneurysm and then being brutally cut by the propeller of a motorboat.
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime "Rough Sketch"
Voice Actors
Japanese Kengo Kawanishi
English Houston Hayes

Junta Nakao (中尾 順太 Nakao Junta) was a student in 9th Grade Class 3 in 1998, and a member of the countermeasures group led by Izumi Akazawa in the Yomiyama North Middle School.


Junta was a young man with a white complexion, particularly tall in stature and broad shoulders, he has short black hair and small eyes with fine eyebrows. He wears the male school uniform and his casual clothing consists of a black tank top, ocher pants, and black shoes. As a swimsuit, wear a navy blue shorts.

In the manga, Junta is shorter, has longer hair, is bowl-cut, and is stockier, which differs somewhat from her anime counterpart.


In the anime, Junta was perhaps Izumi's closest friend, after Takako. The three are often together, discussing the curse and Izumi's attempts to combat it, though whether Junta is a member like Takako is doubtful. Junta seems to harbor feelings for Izumi, as when Izumi stated she wanted to go to Tokyo for high school, he rightly assumed this was to stay close to Kouichi and angrily glared at him. He seems to be fairly close to Takako as well (perhaps being her only other friend in the anime). This relationship seems more genuine, as Takako was the only member of their group who expressed concern when Junta appeared to be car sick; Izumi was merely sarcastic and used his illness to trick Naoya into riding with Takako so she could be alone with Kouichi.

Junta appears otherwise to be a fairly laid-back individual, who gets along well with the other boys in his class, even Kouichi, aside from the occasional bouts of jealousy towards Kouichi. He and Naoya seem to be quite friendly as well. However, he is shown as a somewhat careless individual, since as shown he could have requested medical attention after having suffered a fall, instead of leaving without any care or precaution (a fact that would later cost him his life)

In the manga, Junta is described as a loyal retainer of the "Queen Akazawa" and usually accompanies her and her other followers. The rest of the class seems to find this (and him) rather pathetic.



Nakao's chopped up body

Junta was present for Kouichi's first day of class, though like the countermeasures group he didn't welcome his new classmate. He was instead speaking with Yumi and Takako near Takako's desk. After Yukari's death, he and Takako spoke to Izumi about the curse. Junta expressed disbelief at the stupidity of the school's administration for putting a new student in their class. Junta often went on breaks with Izumi and Takako, and can be seen talking with them, presumably about the countermeasures.

In "Hair Stand", he went with Kouichi and the others to meet Katsumi Matsunaga, as part of his attempts to help Izumi with the countermeasures. Junta, however, was ill from the beginning, though by the time the group went to the beach to relax, he seemed to have mostly recovered, though he spent most of the day asleep in the shade. When it was time to leave, a sudden gust of wind blew Takako's volley ball into the ocean. Junta volunteered to recover it for his friend, but before he'd gone halfway he began to have trouble swimming. Naoya first noticed their classmate was in danger, and he, Kouichi, and Katsumi rushed into the water to save him. They were, unfortunately, too late, as a passing speedboat struck Junta in the water and eviscerated him. The violence of his death shocked the group, especially Takako, who was devastated by her friend's horrific end. It also shocked Katsumi out of his PTSD, allowing him to remember where he'd hidden his tape regarding the 1983 calamity.

While it was thought the boat killed him (meaning the curse had spread beyond Yomiyama), it was later revealed in "Body Paint" (by Chibiki) that before leaving for the beach, he hit his head on the stairs at home back in Yomiyama, resulting in an aneurysm (hence his car sickness), which burst as he swam after the ball. Junta was dead before the boat hit his body.

Later, he appeared in Kouichi's guilt-driven nightmare. He flopped down in front of a horrified Kouichi and blamed his death on his classmate.


Death of Junta by boat


  • His home address is 1-26 Furuikecho Yomiyama City.
  • His name, Junta, means thickness. This makes his appearance in the manga somewhat more fitting, though it could also apply to his build in the anime.
  • In the original novel, Nakao's death occurs off page. He is one of the last students to die in the fire at the Sakitani Kinenkan. He dies there in the manga as well. He does not appear in the live action film.
  • Junta is shown to be one of two characters (The other being Takako) to have thoughts and knowledge of Izumi's feelings for Kouichi in the anime.
  • Although not the closest of friends, Junta did call Kouichi by his first name when talking about him and in Kouichi's nightmare, probably to try to get Izumi's attention because she called him that too.


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