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— Kenzou and Kouichi almost come to blows at the inn.

Kenzou Kawahori
Kenzou Profile
Kanji 川堀 健三
Romaji Kawahori Kenzou
Personal Information
Born 1983
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 177 cm/5' 9½"
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Black
Occupation High School Student
Family Unknown
Vital Information
Affiliation Soccer Club Member
"Deaths of August"
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Crushed by a falling pillar
First appearance
Manga None
Anime "Rough Sketch"
Voice Actors
Japanese Kenichi Mine

Kenzou Kawahori (川堀 健三 Kawahori Kenzou) was a student of 9th Grade Class 3 in 1998 and a member of Soccer Club at Yomiyama North Middle School.


Kenzou makes his appearance in Rough Sketch, appearing as one of the members of Class 3, is seen talking to Shigeki Yonemura, and then leaves the room.

In Sphere Joint he and the other students watched Mr Kubodera's death, and helped Daisuke leave the classroom shortly after witnessing the gruesome scene.

Later in Makeup, after hearing Takako 's broadcast, he thought that Mei was the dead person and confronts her. When Ms. Mikami is hit by Yukito, Kouichi attacks Yukito out of rage. Kenzou stands in front of him to protect Yukito from Kouichi.

Finally in the Episode 12, he, along with Yukito, San, and Sayuri, were attempting to escape the building, when a chandelier fell on them. However, Kenzou wasn't pinned down. He gets up and tries to escape, abandoning his classmates and running for the exit, only to be crushed to death by a pillar.


Kenzou is a young man of slightly above average height and dark complexion, he has short black hair and gray eyes, bearing a certain similarity to Junta Nakao.

He was seen wearing the standard male uniform, being one of the few students to wear the unbuttoned Gakuran. During the school trip, he was seen wearing a red t-shirt underneath his school shirt and light blue shorts.


He was shown as a person who was unconcerned about his studies, being an athlete, active and somewhat impulsive. He had a good relationship with his schoolmates, however this loyalty seemed to have been lost at the last moment, as he was seen abandoning his friends in order to save himself and ultimately have a fatal fate.


  • He is ranked B in Another characters ranking.
  • He is the second tallest student in the class, with a height of 177 cm/5' 9½".
  • His home address is 6-8 Seitencho Yomiyama City.
  • His first name, Kenzou, means "healthy, three".
  • His last name, Kawahori, means "river cave".


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