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The Lakeshore Manor was the summer home of the Sakaki family. By 1998, the house was owned by the Sakaki's sole male heir, Teruya.


The Lakeshore Manor was a resort cabin built by a foreigner vacationing near Hinami. At some point Teruya's father became infatuated with the house and decided to buy it. After Hinako Sakaki, Teruya's mother, was killed by the Calamity in 1987, the Sakakis (and Teruya's recently widowed older sister, Tsukiho and her son, Sou) relocated permanently to the Lakeshore Manor, as this would preserve them from the Calamity.

Feeling guilty for abandoning his friends, Teruya convinced his father to invite several of them to stay at the Manor for summer vacation. On May 3 of 1987, Teruya posed for a picture with his friends near the Manor, something he held onto even as an adult. Due to being outside Yomiyama, the Lakeshore Manor was a safe haven for the students, a place where the Calamity couldn't touch them.

Soon after starting college, Teruya's father died and his estate (including the Manor) passed on to his increasingly troubled son. Due to flawed memories of his first love, Satsuki Shinomiya, Teruya became increasingly obsessed with death, shutting himself off from the world inside the Manor when he wasn't away from Japan entirely on trips. In 1997 he had a chance encounter with Mei Misaki, the daughter of a family friend. Mei was quite taken with Teruya's house, and sketched several pictures of it.

A year later, on May 3rd, 1998; Teruya finally resolved to kill himself in a haze of drunken depression. Before he could actually take his own life, however, Tsukiho and her son, Sou, arrived to wish him an early happy birthday. Distraught at what she'd caught him the act of, Tsukiho begged Teruya not to hurt himself, but during the argument accidentally pushed him from the second floor terrace of the Manor, killing him inadvertently herself. Horrified by what she saw as murder, Tsukiho resolved with her husband to conceal her dead brother in the Manor's basement, instructing Sou to forget everything he'd seen.

Unknown to Tsukiho, however, Sou was deeply scarred by what he perceived as his mother killing his beloved uncle, and developed a secondary personality, Mr. Ghost. In the Mr. Ghost persona, Sou convinced himself he was the restless spirit of his uncle, trying to find his body so he could finally be laid to rest. After encountering Mei a second time a few months later, Sou became more determined than ever to find "his" body, eventually stumbling upon a walled-off furnace room, where his parents had hidden Teruya's now badly decomposing body. Rescued from his uncle's tomb by Mei and Kirika, Sou was able to work through his emotional trauma, while Teruya was finally given a proper internment. As the last surviving member of the Sakaki family, the Lakeshore Manor passed to Tsukiho, although what she and her husband did with the property afterward is unknown.


No actual images exist of the Lakeshore Manor, as it only appears within the novel continuity, and is the main setting of Another S. Mei is quite taken by the building's unconventional, Western design, as it stands in stark contrast to the other resort cabins around Hinami. The Manor is two stories, with a split-level basement which features windows; it was through these Mei was eventually able to deduce where Teruya's body had been hidden, and ultimately save her friend Sou's life, as she could see a space where one set of windows had clearly been covered over. When shown the sketch Mei had initially made of the house in 1997, Kouichi Sakakibara commented the house's overall appearance put him in mind of the house from The Amityville Horror.

Not attached to the main structure is a garage, where Teruya parked his single vehicle. Also on the property is a small pet cemetery, where Teruya buried the various animals he'd tried to raise over the years. Each plot is marked with a single, white cross.

Inside, the Manor's most notable feature is its massive library; a young Teruya, as well as Mei and Sou are quite taken with its size and scope, with Mei remarking it reminds her very much of the one at her school. Teruya's father had set up a dark room on the second floor as well, although Teruya himself never used it; this and another room containing the personal effects of both his deceased parents are kept locked by Teruya, so as to avoid unpleasant memories.


  • The Lakeshore Manor is described as being "western-style" and built by a foreigner, although no exact nationality is ever stated. Going by Kouichi's comments about the similarities to the Amityville house, however, points to an American influence. What became of the Manor's original owner is unknown, as is its current fate in the hands of Tsukiho.