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I'm sorry, Mei

—Misaki Fujioka

Misaki Fujioka
Kanji 藤岡 未咲
Romaji Fujioka Misaki
Personal Information
Born 27th April, 1983 (Aries)
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 152cm
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Brown
Occupation Tofu Shop employee
High School Student
Family Mitsuyo Fujioka (Mother)
Mei Misaki (Older Twin Sister)
Yukiyo Misaki (Maternal Aunt)
Unborn Cousin †
Amane (Maternal Grandmother)
Vital Information
Affiliation 'Deaths of April'
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Died after diagnosed of acute leukemia
First appearance
Manga Mentioned in Chapter 1
Anime Episode 10 (Flashback)
"The Other"
Voice Actors
Japanese Igarashi Hiromi
English Felecia Angelle

Misaki Fujioka is Mei Misaki's late twin sister. Early in the anime series, Mei claims that Fujioka was her cousin.


Misaki as a baby in the manga.

More than thirty years ago, Misaki and Mei's mother, Mitsuyo, was born with a twin sister named Yukiyo. They both became married and Mitsuyo became pregnant with twins. These twins were Misaki and Mei. Yukiyo also became pregnant, but she lost her baby, leaving her devastated. At that time, the Fujioka family was experiencing financial problems. Because of this and the fact that Yukiyo was still trying to cope with the loss, Misaki and Mei were separated at their birth, Mei was given to Yukiyo. Even though Kirika didn't allow Mei to see her sister and mother, Misaki and Mei were meeting each other secretly. After this, Misaki needed a kidney transplant. In the manga, Mei said that she wanted to donate one of her kidneys to Misaki, but she could not do so because the rules said that children below 15 years of age were not allowed to. In the end, the donor was their mother, Mitsuyo. The transplant was a success. This information is never revealed in the anime, since in the adaptation, Misaki had leukemia and died instead of needing a kidney transplant.


In the OVA, she's first seen joking around a random boy about her doppelganger until Mei arrives. She is fun-loving, cheerful, outgoing and caring against Mei. She also stated that she likes cute things like the dolls in Studio M, just like Mei, thus making this one of their similarities. Her definition of cute is "A little off base" according to Mei. Misaki told Mei that she found out they were twin sisters before Amane (their grandmother) let it slip, because they looked alike. 


Misaki in the manga

Her appearance is very similar to that of Mei. Like her sister, Misaki is very beautiful, the main differences between them are that Misaki doesn't wear an eyepatch, has two red eyes instead of one green and one red, and has brown hair and a part of her hair is braided. They also have similar names. Misaki Fujioka's "Misaki" is her given name, while Misaki Mei's "Misaki" is her family name. In the manga, she has black hair and black eyes, similar to Mei. Misaki Fujioka's height is the same as Misaki Mei's height of 152cm. In the anime, Misaki shares the same shoulder length hairstyle as Mei, but has lighter brown hair and a braid in the front. The two typically wear coordinated outfits.



She dies in Episode 1 from the 9th grade class 3-3 curse, being "the death of April", the first one who died because of the curse. Mei was delivering a present at the Yomiyama Hospital's morgue, a doll, Mei referred to her as "her other half" during her first meeting with Kouichi and later as her twin sister.

In Episode 11, it is revealed that she attended the same elementary school as Takako. Takako remembered a "Misaki," though she was confused and thought the girl was Mei, and not her twin sister. This led Takako to suspect Mei was the other, as when they were younger, she remembered Misaki having both eyes.

Another OVA

She appears in Episode 0 (OVA) and meets Mei in secret. The sisters take a ride on a Ferris wheel, but a bird strikes the glass and causes Misaki to fall out. Mei tried to save her sister, but Misaki realized this would only cause them both to fall and slid her hand out of Mei's, telling her she was sorry. Fortunately, they were much closer to the ground than either girl realized, and both survived the ride. After their near brush with death, the two sisters departed. Shortly thereafter, Misaki collapsed due to a flare up of her leukemia, possibly aggravated by the stress of nearly dying earlier. In the episode, Misaki was shown trying to get to her doll before she died.


Mei Misaki

Misaki and Mei were best friends and often met in secret and were often found together. They talked to each other a lot, and told each other secrets, bathed together, slept together and dressed similarly etc. Mei was very attached to Misaki.


  • In the original novel, the doll that Mei brings to the morgue was a gift to Misaki after her kidney transplant. The kidney Misaki received was not Mei's (due to minors not being allowed to donate). Misaki told Mei which doll she wanted but died before Mei could bring it to the hospital.
  • In the OVA, Misaki states that she has a crush on a boy and that he's quiet.
  • Misaki likes heavy metal.
  • She calls her aunt, Yukiyo Misaki (Kirika) Yuki.
  • Mei and Misaki started to see each other in the fifth years of elementary school, when Mei finds out she's actually Mitsuyo's daughter.
  • Misaki died on April 4.
  • Misaki was the third (Chronologically the first.) person in the series that the audience could see the color of death in Mei's POV. 
  • Despite being the catalyst for Takako and the others attacking Mei in the anime and the main reason for her loneliness in the manga and novel, Misaki does not appear in the live action film, nor is she mentioned.


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