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Misaki M.

Misaki M. Studio is the shop owned by Mei Misaki's aunt, Yukiyo, where she sells her hand-made dolls. It is located in the underground of Mei's house. Her mother, Amane, also works here as a receptionist.

The studio was first seen in "Blueprint", when Kōichi was stalking Mei. After this, he often comes here, looking for her. It's one of the first locations introduced in the series and also one of the most important. The studio has three floors, the first floor, which is the main shop and features most of the display pieces, and the basement, the rooms of which are painted black and filled with even more of Kirika's dolls. The third floor is where the Misaki's live, as well as where Kirkika makes her dolls; Mei entertains Kōichi here on several occasions in the various adaptions. An elevator makes it easy to travel between floors.


  • Amane revealed the fact that they don't have young customers and she made Kōichi an offer. Perhaps as an attempt to draw in younger customers, the shop offers half-price admission to students at Yomi North. However, as Amane explains, while everything is for sale, the prices are higher than a student would ever be able to afford.
  • Also, in the OVA it is revealed that Misaki Fujioka liked the doll shop a lot.
  • In the original novel, Kirika's dolls are a mix of female and male. Also, the doll in the coffin which looks like Mei has reddish-brown hair and is not a life-size doll (slightly smaller) that wears a light colored dress.
  • Early in the series Mei revealed the fact that the doll which resembles her was meant to resemble one of the twins that Yukiyo lost during her pregnancy.
  • In the novel, Kōichi’s discovery of Kirika’s museum is after he goes to the hospital and asks Mizuno about the name of the female patient who died. He is looking for a place to eat and also runs into Kirika (who is walking up the stairs to her workshop). He does not go in though until he follows Mei a few days later.
  • The 2nd floor of Misaki M. Studio is Mei's home.
  • The 3rd floor of Misaki M. Studio is Yukiyo's studio where she makes those dolls.
  • An elevator was located behind the basement and it was connected to Misaki's house (second floor).