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Mr. Ayano (a.k.a. Ayano) is the father of Aya Ayano, and the husband/partner of Mrs. Ayano (a.k.a. Ayano).


He doesn't appear but in one episode, and his face isn't showed that much, but it can seen that he has dirty blonde, short hair (like Aya's) and he has facial hair (Like Katsumi Matsunaga).

He wears a dark green t-shirt and has a Black watch on his left wrist, but his other clothes are not shown.


We only had heard about him and his family when Aya mentioned that her family decided to escape Yomiyama City, because it was the only way to protect themselves. They all packed up their car for an extended trip, and several cartons in the front hallways for movers.

Driving along a mountain road, the family Ayano had almost escaped when several loose rocks fell off the mountain, one impacting their car's windshield. He was in the right front seat and presumably driving, and lost control of the vehicle and plunged over the side of a precipice. The student gossip at the beginning of "Glass Eye" stated there were no survivors, suggesting that him and his family are killed instantly or in hospital despite all the efforts of the doctors trying to save them.