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Kanji レイ
Romaji Rei
Personal Information
Gender Portrayed as Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black with a yellow spot
Occupation Pet
Family Mikami Family (Owners)
Vital Information
Affiliation Mikami Family
Status Alive
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime "Rough Sketch"

Rei is the Mikami family pet.


Rei is a small bird and has black eyes, orange beak, and black feathers with a yellow spot under her eyes. In the manga, she has the same appearance.

Rei is probably a common hill myna, sometimes spelled "mynah" and formerly simply known as Hill Myna, is the myna most commonly seen in aviculture.


Rei constantly says "Ohayo Rei-chan" ("Good morning Rei!" in the dub, regardless of the time). She repeats "Poor Reiko, poor Ritsuko " (suggesting she heard someone else in the household saying the same thing periodically); Rei is also fond of asking "Why, Rei, why?," which often upset Reiko Mikami, who claimed she hates "that damn bird."

It is later learned the Mikami's purchased Rei shortly after their daughter's murder to help them cope with their loss; its constant repetition of the above phrases was a subliminal reminder to Reiko she didn't belong.