If you really want to fulfill your dreams, don't be scared to reach for it. You will really be a loser if you don't even try.

—Ritsuko Sakakibara

Ritsuko Sakakibara
Ritsuko in photo
Kanji 榊原理津子
Romaji Sakakibara Ritsuko
Personal Information
Born 1957
Age 26 (At the time of death)
Gender Female
Height 5'2 (155cm)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Occupation Housewife
Family Ryouhei Mikami (Father)
Tamie Mikami (Mother)
Yousuke Sakakibara (Husband)
Kouichi Sakakibara (Son)
Reiko Mikami (Sister) †
Status Deceased
First appearance
Manga Chapter 10
Anime Episode 1 (Mentioned)
Episode 5 (In the graduation album)
Voice Actors
Japanese Rina Hidaka
English Unknown

Ritsuko Sakakibara is Kouichi's deceased mother, Reiko's eldest sister, and Yousuke's wife. She only appears in the school graduation album and the old Sakakibara family pictures. She went to Yomiyama North Middle School in 1972 and was in the same class with the dead Misaki Yomiyama, 9th Grade Class 3.


Kouichi's father mentions that she is a very special lady, and has a great taste in men. She is also a supporting sister. Reiko mentions that when her father went against Reiko's decision to attend art university, Ritsuko is the only one who stood up for her and supported her. Also, in the manga, in Another 0 chapters, Ritsuko is shown as a kind-hearted, calm, kind and peaceful woman, as she says that she will protect her younger sister after Reiko yelled at her. Reiko claimed the fact that she admired Ritsuko the most and she was her idol. Also, she was very happy when Ritsuko came in Yomiyama to give birth to Kouichi. Ritsuko was shown to be a loving and caring person.



Adult Ritsuko in the manga.


Picture of her seen at the start of the live film.

She has brown hair, as well as brown eyes in the anime, and has brown hair and black eyes in the manga. In her middle school days, she wears a ponytail in the anime, where in the manga, her hair is shoulder length and her hair is worn down. Also, she is seen after Kouichi's birth in the manga wearing her hair tied in a pigtail.



Ritsuko shortly after Kouichi's birth.

In the manga, she appears also in Reiko's flashback. After Kouichi came to live with Reiko, she is seen standing in front of Ritsuko's altar, talking to her. It is unknown whether she died while giving birth to Kouichi, or if she died shortly after his birth. In chapter 10, it is hinted that her death was in that class, because of the calamity. And it was also confirmed that she is actually The Death Of May of the 9th Grade Class 3 in 1983. In Another 0 chapters, it is shown that she died shortly after Kouichi's birth. Also, Misaki Yomiyama enters the room, Ritsuko calls his name and then dies. The cause of her death is unrevealed. After her death, her father (Kouichi's grandfather), is always seen sitting in front of her altar, probably still depressed about her death, claiming that he is sick of funerals (including Reiko's). Also, Rei-chan (family's pet) always repeat the phrase "Poor Ritsuko, poor Reiko". In Episode 5, when Kouichi was looking at his mother's class picture, the librarian, Tatsuji Chibiki came to him and asked about his mother. Tatsuji is shown to know about his mother since he was the homeroom teacher of class 3-3 in 1972. In Episode 10 Kouichi had shown Mei some old pictures with Ritsuko in her teens.


  • Her first name, Ritsuko, means "ferry child". Her last name, Sakakibara, can be translated as "the truth of the sacred Shinto tree field".
  • In the manga, Chibiki shows no knowledge about her death.
  • It is affirmed about the fact that Ritsuko and her sister, Reiko, look a lot alike.
  • In the manga, the relationship between Ritsuko and Reiko is more pronounced and close than in the anime.
  • In the original novel, she died of a sudden illness soon after Kouichi was born.
  • The age difference between Ritsuko and Reiko is that they are born 11 years apart.


  • "I will always be with you. even though I have no idea of the problems you're facing...But it doesn't matter. No matter what happens, I will stand by your side."
  • "You have to be more confident."
  • "And if you have worked hard, but it didn't turn out well, then I will protect you."
  • "Why did it turn out this way? Someone.."
  • "Who are you? Misaki-kun?"


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