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Poor Ritsuko, poor Reiko.

—Ryouhei Mikami

Ryouhei Mikami
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Kanji 三神 亮平
Romaji Mikami Ryouhei
Personal Information
Born Around 1938
Age 60+
Gender Male
Height 165 cm
Hair Color Grey
Occupation Retired
Family Tamie Mikami (Wife)
Ritsuko Sakakibara (Daughter)
Reiko Mikami (Youngest daughter)
Kouichi Sakakibara (Grandson)
Yousuke Sakakibara (Son-in law)
Status Alive
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime "Rough Sketch"
Voice Actors
Japanese Kouji Yada
English Carl Masterson

Ryouhei Mikami is Tamie's husband, the father of Reiko and Ritsuko, Yousuke's father in law, and Kouichi's grandfather.


He has short grey hair. His eyes are always closed, so his eyes colour is unknown. In his younger days photo it is shown that he has black eyes.


He is usually seen at Ritsuko's altar. He was emotionally unstable after Ritsuko and Reiko death. During his younger years, he is shown to be a strict father. He doesn't allow Reiko to enter the art university. He is shown to be quiet clueless about the current situation. It is revealed that he was still affected by Ritsuko and later Reiko's funerals.


He made his debut in Episode 1 standing at Ritsuko's altar, saying that he is sick of funerals. On Kouichi's first day at his new school, he thinks Kouichi is going to the hospital. In the manga, Tamie said that after Reiko died, Ryouhei bought a parrot and named it "Rei", which shares a similar pronouncement with Reiko. Though he knows about Reiko's death his memory has not been altered by the calamity.


  • He is the only character who lives in Yomiyama but still remember Reiko's death. This is due to his dementia conflicting with his Curse-altered memories.
  • His first name, Ryouhei, means "complete peace".
  • His last name, Mikami, means "three gods."


  • "How very tired I am of funerals... So very tired of funerals."