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Sachiko Nakajima
Kanji 中島 幸子
Romaji Nakajima Sachiko
Personal Information
Born 1983
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 158 cm
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Occupation Student
Family Unknown
Status Alive
First appearance
Manga None
Anime "Rough Sketch"
Voice Actors
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown

Sachiko Nakajima (中島 幸子, Nakajima Sachiko) is a student of 9 Grade Class 3 in 1998 who sits behind Yukari Sakuragi and in front of Aya Ayano in the classroom.


Sachiko has shoulder-length brown hair that has bangs hanging on the right side and brown eyes.

She wears the school standard female uniform.


Sachiko seems a friendly and sociable person as she is shown with different girls from their classroom like Yumi Ogura, Matsuko Arita and Megumi Tatara. Judging her actions and appearance she looks an humble and innocent person. She also looks emotional and terrified when her teacher kills himself and it takes a hard effect on her.


Sachiko wasn't a fixture of class 3-3 who didn't interact very often with either Kouichi Sakakibara or Izumi Akazawa's groups.

Sachiko was present when Mr. Shoji Kubodera brought a mysterious black bag to class one day ( "Sphere Joint"). As the person in front of her was dead, Sachiko was close enough for blood to splatter all over her when he violently killed himself and was among the students who fled in terror following this extremely traumatic occurrence.

Sachiko opted not to attend the class trip, and it's likely her family simply fled the city after transferring her out of the school, as she was not seen at the hospital with the other survivors. Nevertheless, there is no reason to believe she died; it's highly likely, if they did flee, the Nakajimas survived the calamity of '98.


  • The name Sachiko means "happiness, good luck" (幸) (sachi) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Sachiko's surname Nakajima means "middle" (中) (naka) and "island" (島) (shima/jima).
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Sachiko's character ranking

  • Sachiko is ranked A in Another character ranking.
  • Sachiko's home address is 3-4 Seitencho Yomiyama City.