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Sakitani Kinenkan

Sakitani Kinenkan is a recreation center owned by a Yomiyama local business in the mountains above Yomiyama. It is a huge old building laid out in a Western style. It was here that class 3-3 stayed during the school trip to the Yomiyama shrine. The managers of the Sakitani Kinenkan were Keiko Numata and Kensaku Numata, Ikuo Takabayashi's grandparents.

The inn is located high in the mountains, in a forest, and was first seen in "Glass Eye". This is one of the most important locations of the series, having a great impact on the outcome. The inn was burned (presumably to the ground) due to a fire Keiko Numata started, and the vast majority of the students killed during 1998 met their fates within its walls.


Mei Misaki (alone)

Kouichi Sakakibara and Yuuya Mochizuki

Izumi Akazawa and Takako Sugiura

Naoya Teshigawara and Tomohiko Kazami On the second floor.

Matsuko Arita and Sayuri Kakinuma

Aki Matsui and Kyouko Kaneki

Yukito Tsujii and Kenzou Kawahori

San Watanabe and Yumi Ogura

Makoto Ouji and Noboru Saruta

Daisuke Wakui and Manabu Maejima

Tatsuji Chibiki (alone)

Ms. Mikami (alone)

The inn has many more rooms. No other parties were staying at the inn during the day and night shown in the story.


  • In the novel, only fourteen students of the remaining 28 attend the school trip to Sakitani Kinenkan (in the anime, 19 students attend). Of those students in the novel, five die (Izumi Akazawa, Manabu Maejima, Shigeki Yonemura, Takako Sugiura, and Junta Nakao).
  • In the novel, only five female students attend the school trip, and Mei gets her own room; the only girls who specifically shared a room are Izumi and Takako, and the identity of the other two is unknown.
  • A scene omitted from the novel is when Kouichi is going to Mei's room, he notices from a window a figure going to a shed outside. He'll later realize it is Keiko Numata gathering things to set the fire.
  • In the novel, the fire spreads quickly and there's chaos with the students getting out. In the anime, even though there is a fire, it's initially a low priority, as most students were more concerned with killing Mei, which they thought would end the curse. Even as the fire continues to gather strength, it only killed two students.
  • In the novel, no students were killed while escaping from the building, though there were several injuries.
  • In the manga, very few students died, Manabu, Takako, Shigeki, and Nakao died but that was because of the fire, and not Keiko Numata.