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Send the Dead...back to Death...Send the Dead...Back to Death...

—Sayuri threatens Mei at the Inn.

Sayuri Kakinuma
Sayuri Profile
Kanji 柿沼 小百合
Romaji Kakinuma Sayuri
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 154 cm/5' 0¾"
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Dark Blue
Occupation High School Student
Status Alive
Anime "Rough Sketch"
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshino Nanjo
English Brittney Karbowski

Sayuri Kakinuma (柿沼 小百合, Kakinuma Sayuri) is a student of 9th Grade Class 3 in 1998, at Yomiyama North Middle School.


Sayuri is a girl with a pale complexion and below average height. She has dark blue hair tied with two braids, light blue eyes and wears round aquamarine green frame glasses. She was seen wearing only the standard female school uniform.


She was shown as a quiet, shy and somewhat mature girl, who was seen enjoying reading more than chatting or in the company of other people; taste that she shares with Yukito Tsujii, so it could be said that he was close to her.

During the events that occurred on the school trip, she was willing to assassinate Mei Misaki in order to supposedly stop the calamity, but then she decided to forget that and decided to save her own life. Due to these events, it is probable that she and her family have left the city, since she was not seen again.


She is usually seen reading a book (as seen in "Rough Sketch"), as well as going to the library. She was present during Mr. Kubodera's suicide, an event which was probably traumatic enough for her to miss a few days of school, as she didn't appear for several episodes.

She was also seen in the Kouichi Sakakibara's nightmare sitting on a chair looking at him.

She is later seen in the class trip, not smiling in the group photo. In "Makeup", she heard Takako's broadcast, and along with Matsuko tried to confront Kouichi, though they were unable to prevent him and Mei from escaping. In "Stand By Oneself", Sayuri escaped from the building after being hit by a falling chandelier. And was later seen staying outside with San Watanabe, Matsuko Arita, and Yukito Tsuji. This would be her last shown appearance as she isn't part of the group that visits Manabu Maejima in the hospital.


  • The kanji of her first name, Sayuri, means "little lily."
  • Her home address is 9-18 Furuikecho Yomiyama City
  • She is ranked C in Another characters ranking, the lowest rank, making her the lowest ranked female character.
  • Sayuri is most likely an anime original character. Her design bears a very strong resemblance to Takako Sugiura from the manga, though Takako did not have glasses in that version. Oddly, she also inherited Takako's spot in the anime's intro, albeit for only one episode.
  • Her only spoken dialogue is "Send the Dead back to Death," which she chants with the others while attacking Mei and Kouichi at Takako's behest. She shares her English voice actress with Yukari Sakuragi.
  • Sayuri is the only girl who wears a longer skirt than the others, this probably due to her mature personality.


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