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Yeah...because you broke the rules!

—Suguru Yamada lambasts Kouichi, and blames him for Yukari's death.

Yamada Suguru
Kanji 山田 優
Romaji Yamada Suguru
Personal Information
Born 1983
Age 15
Gender Male
Height Around 165'cm (5'5")
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Occupation Student
Family Unknown
Vital Information
Affiliation "Deaths of June"
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Car accident with a bicycle with broken brakes while trying to leave Yomiyama with Yuuya.

Suguru Yamada (山田 優, Yamada Suguru) was a student in Class 3-3 of 1998. He sat directly in front of Kouichi Sakakibara and Yukari Sakuragi. He is played by Amane Okayama.


He was one of the students who rushed out of class and saw Yukari's body. He held Kouichi responsible for her death, insisting he'd broken the rules, much to Kouichi's confusion. The next day, he blatantly ignored Kouichi when his classmate asked him what was going on, confusing an already shocked Kouichi further.

A few weeks later, he and Yuuya Mochizuki were riding their bikes on the edge of town, scoffing at the curse. Yamada declared it wouldn't be that hard to beat, as all one had to do was escape Yomiyama City. Ironically, a few minutes later the brakes on his bike failed, and Yamada rode into oncoming traffic, where he was hit by a car and killed instantly. Horrified, Mochizuki fled the scene, leaving a confused motorist with his friend's body.

The next school day, a distraught Takako Sugiura placed a memorial flower on his desk, before breaking down in tears and exclaiming it no longer mattered whether or not they ignored Kouichi and Mei anymore.


• In the anime, manga and novel, his role is much different. He's Ikuo Takabayashi in every other adaptation, and even die differently. Ikuo dies of a heart attack, Yamada of a car accident while biking with Yuuya.

• He doesn't have a death with a very big logic around it.