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"Don't torture yourself. What's done is done. The question is, what do we do about it?"

—Takako consoles her best friend over her failure to protect Yukari.

Takako Sugiura
Takako Profile
Kanji 杉浦 多佳子
Romaji Sugiura Takako
Personal Information
Born 1983
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 163 cm/5' 4"
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Ochre
Occupation High School Student
Family Unknown
Vital Information
Affiliation Countermeasures Helper
"Deaths of August"
One Who Does Not Exist (Live Action Film)
Status Alive (Live-action Film)
Deceased (Anime)
Cause of Death Strangled to death by cables after trying to kill Mei Misaki
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime "Rough Sketch"
Voice Actors
Japanese Misato Fukuen
English Emily Neves

Takako Sugiura (杉浦 多佳子. Sugiura Takako) was a student of 9th Grade Class 3 in 1998 at Yomiyama North Middle School. She and Yumi Ogura help Izumi Akazawa as the countermeasures' personal right-arm.


Takako is a girl with slightly pale skin and of average height. She had short ocher-colored hair above her shoulders, which she wears in 2 aquamarine braids on the sides (yellow at the Ending) and ocher-colored eyes. She is one of the few students in the class who wear glasses, wearing round purple-rimmed glasses (red on "Hair Stand").

As a student she was seen wearing the standard female school uniform, however instead of wearing the school jacket in winter or the vest in summer, Takako wears a light blue jacket for the winter uniform, and a special vest of the same. color for the summer uniform, being the only girl in the class to change the uniform in this aspect. Her swimsuit consists of a red bra for top and dark blue shorts with a white strap for bottoms.

In the manga, Takako's appearance changes drastically, she has braided black hair and doesn't wear spectacles, bearing a certain resemblance to Sayuri Kakinuma; Her appearance and costume in the film is based on this. She has a completely different appearance and a different name in the film.


Takako is a background character for most of the series, though she's often seen with Izumi. She and Yumi are apparently her assistants as Head of Countermeasures, as the three are often together. She was present for Kouichi's first day of school ("Rough Sketch") but was not among the students who welcomed him to the class, instead remaining at her desk with Junta and Yumi, though she did occasionally stop to glare at him from time to time.

In "Put Flesh", she, Izumi, and Junta Nakao had a discussion about Yukari Sakuragi's death, the curse, and Kouichi Sakakibara's role therein. Takako suggested everything was merely coincidental and tried to console Izumi when her friend tried to blame herself for Yukari's fate, telling her it couldn't be helped; she also advised against blaming Kouichi for their friend's demise, and suggested they should instead focus on protecting the rest of the class. She was present for Mr. Kubodera's suicide and like the other students, she sat and watched as Kubodera repeatedly stabbed himself with a knife. She was the only student not visibly disturbed by this event.

9th Grade-9

Takako with her classmates after their teacher's death.

In "Hair Stand", Takako accompanied Kouichi and the others when they go to the beach to relax. Takako tried to assist Junta, who was apparently suffering from car sickness. Yuuya gets buried in sand by Kouichi and Izumi while Takako tickles his feet. She was paired with Naoya and Izumi for Naoya's fishing contest, though what, if anything, she caught is never shown. Later, while playing volleyball, a strong gust of wind caused her ball to fly into the water. Junta went after it, only to suddenly stop moving in the water. Naoya, Kouichi, and Matsunaga rushed into the water to save him, the girls and Yuuya watched from the shore. Unfortunately, they were too late, as a speeding yacht hit Junta before anyone could reach him and eviscerated his body. Upon seeing Junta's body surface in pieces, Takako covered her head and screamed.

Takako was devastated by his death, and in "Body Paint" Izumi accompanied her home from Junta's funeral to ensure she was alright. Later on, Izumi confided Takako had become increasingly unstable as a result.


Takako screams when Junta's body surfaces.

Takako was one of the students who went on the school trip, sharing a room with Izumi at the inn.

In "Makeup", Takako revealed to Izumi she was in elementary school with someone called "Misaki", who did not wear an eyepatch. Later on, a commotion in the main hall caused Izumi to leave Takako alone so she could go investigate. Upon encountering Mei and Koichi, the trio heard Takako scream. Returning to the room, Izumi, Koichi, and Mei to check on her, the trio finds the girls' room covered in blood, and no sign of their friend. The group assumes the worst: someone had attacked Takako and killed her.

But Takako reappeared later, very much alive but covered in blood and carrying a knife, with one of her hands bandaged, her sanity apparently having deserted her. After expressing relief that Izumi was still alive, Takako commented she would prefer not to live if the other girl died, before attacking Mei. Only Koichi's intervention protected her. Takako fled to the inn's radio room and broadcast the tape Yuuya Mochizuki found, telling everyone that Mei is the dead one and asking them to kill her. Izumi, hearing the broadcast and realizing Takako wasn't in her right mind, hurried to find her, leaving Kouichi to protect Mei.

Takako wants to kill Mei

Takako threatens Mei in the hallway.

Takako reappeared in the stairwell after the explosion, stabbing a distracted Koichi in the arm to immobilize him, before explaining she didn't plan to kill him, because Izumi "seems fond" of him. Laughing hysterically, she then attacked Mei a second time, only to become entangled in a bundle of electrical cables and strangle herself, much to Kouichi and Mei's horror.

Izumi arrives immediately after and sees Mei and Koichi standing underneath the dead body of her friend. Drawing the wrong conclusion and heartbroken by her friend's death, Izumi vowed to kill Mei in revenge.

In the Live action film. She has a little minor role and plus Izumi and Takako have an odd relationship, as among other things Izumi never calls Takako by anything other than her last name, suggesting the two aren't especially close; their relationship tends to be much more abusive and unhealthy. While Izumi calms Takako down after she learns she's to be "the one who does not exist" for the year, the two aren't especially friendly. Izumi and Takako trail Kouichi to Mei's aunt's studio early on, and are horrified to learn where they are. The two sit together on the bus to the inn and share a room. At dinner that night, Takako attempts to sit with Mei and Kouichi, only for Izumi to irritably snap at her and tell her to sit somewhere else. Like Izumi, Takako confronts Mei and Kouichi at the inn, telling Kouichi she blames him for the calamity.

When Tomohiko Kazami tells the girls how to break the curse, Takako adamantly refuses to kill anyone, which angers Izumi. A short in the inn's electrical system traps them in the girls' room and makes Izumi suspicious of her roommate. Telling her she's always pretended to be "a good girl," Izumi informs Takako she thinks she's the Extra, prompting an angry response from Tomohiko. The two argue, but Izumi wins and stabs Takako in the throat. Shortly thereafter, Mei and Naoya arrive and find Izumi standing over the injured girl, who was desperately trying not to bleed to death. Almost immediately afterward, Naoya is killed, causing Izumi to realize trying to kill Takako hasn't solved anything. Unconcerned, she attacked Mei next, leaving Tomohiko to help Takako escape.

Personality and Traits[]

Takako is a serious young girl, rarely smiling and generally saying little. She worked closely with Izumi Akazawa, who appears to be her best friend, in preparing 1998's countermeasures. Though she can usually be seen scowling, Takako can be compassionate, taking care of Junta when everyone thought he was car sick and consoling Izumi when the latter blamed herself for Yukari's death. Academically, Takako is apparently only an average student, as she doesn't take part in her friends' discussion of what high school she plans to attend, and can be seen visibly stressing over a practice exam. An analytical individual, Takako seems to view the curse as a problem which can be solved, and consoles Izumi dwelling on the past won't make things better; the group needs to focus on making sure no one else dies.

Takako Stresses Over a Test

Takako anxiously takes a practice exam.

Takako, much like Izumi, has a strong attachment to her friends, though being much less outgoing, this list is far shorter for her, mostly being consigned to Izumi and Junta. In all versions of Another Takako is devoted to Izumi, though this is present to varying degrees depending on the adaption. This doesn't mean she's completely blind to her other classmates: she was the only student who saw Yukari's death, for example, an event troubling enough she mentioned it to Aya Ayano, and she is visibly concerned about Daisuke when he had his asthma attack. Though she seems to have taken an initial disliking to him, she is at best neutral toward Kouichi by the end of the series, and doesn't wish him any particular ill will (this does not, however, extend to Mei, whom Takako unconditionally hates by that point). Seeing either of her best friends in danger is the only thing capable of breaking Takako's calm veneer, which once destroyed, is gone for good.

Takako's normally quiet personality lead her classmates to trust her almost implicitly, which ended up not being such a wonderful thing, either for the class or herself.


  • In Episode 8 Takako is seen with red frame glasses, instead of purple.
  • Her home address is 5-3 Akatsukicho Yomiyama City.
  • Sugiura means "Cedar Field," while Takako usually translates as "Good" or "Noble" "Child." Her name is literally "Noble Child of the Cedar Field."
  • She is ranked A in Another character ranking.
    Another 109

    Takako character ranking.

  • In the live action film Takako is saved and protected by Tomohiko from Izumi. She is later seen outside with Tomohiko and the other students and Tomohiko is comforting her. She survives the night with Tomohiko who is closely seen with her.
  • In Live-action, her appearance and name were changed (instead of Takako Sugiura) to Sakurako Wakui which confused many people. It is confirmed that they both are the same person because they have same similarities. It is possible that the developers forgot her real name.
  • In Live-action when Izumi stabs Takako throat, it is similar to Aki's death when Tomohiko stabs her in the neck from behind, while Takako survives it and Aki dies.
  • She is the only character in the series whose appearance has changed and her name and her roles parts in every adaption.
  • In the original novel and manga, Takako dies, being one of the "deaths of August." In the novel, she is killed by Keiko Numata. In the anime, she survived this encounter, though it left her even more unhinged and caused her to attack Mei and Koichi.
  • Kouichi and Mei are both visibly appalled by Takako's death in the anime, despite it being the result of her trying to kill them. Her death is one of the longest and most painful in the series (alongside Yukari and Kubodera, which is the bloodiest), only beaten for length by Izumi's, although the latter was apparently in shock for most of it. Her death occurs off-screen however in the novel and the manga.
Takako (manga)

Takako's appearance in manga, which bears a striking resemblance to Sayuri.

  • She did appear in the film, but Naoya's death seems to be a reference to hers. However, she is completely changed as well her name composite character named Sakurako Wakui seems to be an amalgam of her and Daisuke (Sakurako is Izumi's best friend, the two share a room together on the class trip, and she has Daisuke's last name); interestingly, Takako survives in the film. Likewise, her appearance in the manga is drastically different and appears to have been recycled for Sayuri Kakinuma, albeit with the addition of glasses.
  • She seems to have a crush on Junta, as he is one of the few people she isn't grumpy to. His death is the first time she visibly loses her cool, and Izumi mentions ever since she's been mentally unstable; it's highly likely Junta's death caused Takako to lose her sanity.
  • Takako is shown to be the only character to officially know Izumi's feelings for Kouichi and used that as a reason not to kill him along with him not being the dead one.
  • Emily Neves, Takako's English Voice Actress is also known for being Chelsea in Akame Ga Kill! with Jessica Boone (Izumi), Chris Patton (Naoya), Molly Searcy (Reiko), and David Matranga (Mr. Kubodera).


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