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Tokue Kubodera
Kanji 久保寺の母
Personal Information
Age 60+
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color White
Family Mr. Kubodera (son)
Vital Information
Status Alive (Live-Action Film)
Deceased (Anime, Manga, Novel)
First appearance
Manga Chapter 7
Anime Episode 8
Voice Actors
Japanese Youko Imamoto
English Unknown

Tokue Kubodera was Mr. Kubodera's mother, whom he had been caring for due to an illness, but was later murdered by him.


Tokue Kubodera was an emaciated old woman with white hair and black eyes.


A cerebral infection had left her comatose and bedridden.  She is eventually killed by her son as an apparent attempt to stop the curse, though some say he had simply grown tired of caring for her. She and her son are the "deaths of July."


She is first mentioned in "Sphere Joint", as the police investigating her son's suicide entered their home and discovered he had murdered her. Already stressed by the deaths in his class and feeling trapped both by the curse and his bedridden mother, Kubodera killed her. It is unclear how long she'd been dead, but it appears to have been a few days before he arrived in class and killed himself.


  • In the manga, Mr. Kubodera killed her by smothering her with a pillow. In the anime, it's unclear how she died. interestingly, she appears to have survived in the live action film, as Kubodera instead is killed by accident while taking care of her.
  • In the live-action film, it is possible that she is still alive after her son's death.