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Yomiyama Hospital is a hospital located in Yomiyama City and one of the places featured in Another. This hospital was shown in the first episode and played an important role in this anime. Kouichi was first shown in the hospital ward and also, Kouichi and Mei met each other for the first time in the elevator. Also, Misaki, Sanae, and Ritsuko died here.

People That Were Connected To This Hospital[]

  • Sanae Mizuno (Nurse. She dies in an elevator accident.)
  • Kouichi Sakakibara (He was born in this hospital, and because of his pneumothorax, he sometimes went to the hospital for check-ups. He also spent his first month in the Yomiyama City here.)
  • Manabu Maejima (After he was stabbed by Keiko, he was treated at this hospital.)
  • Misaki Fujioka (She died after getting a kidney transplant.)
  • Ritsuko Sakakibara (She gave birth to Kouichi in this hospital. She died because of a sudden illness.)


  • Kouichi’s meeting with Mei at the hospital actually happens during the day, instead of night. He notices her right away in the elevator. Also, she wears an old, weathered name tag on her school uniform which leads Kouichi to suspect she is the "Dead" during the story.