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Man, it's hot in India!

—Yousuke Sakakibara complains to his son about the weather in the field.

Yousuke Sakakibara
Kanji 榊原陽介
Romaji Sakakibara Yōsuke
Personal Information
Born 1947
Age 51
Gender Male
Height Unknown(175cm?)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Occupation College Professor
Family Kouichi Sakakibara (Son)
Ritsuko Sakakibara (Wife) †
Reiko Mikami (Sister-in-law) †
Tamie Mikami (Mother-in-law)
Ryouhei Mikami (Father-in-law)
Vital Information
Affiliation Kouichi
Status Alive
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime "Rough Sketch" (Voice Only)
Voice Actors
Japanese Kitagawa Takurou
English Christopher Ayres

Yousuke Sakakibara is Kouichi's widowed father. He is a college professor, and is away in India for the year for work. In the anime, his face is never revealed.


He seems to be a cheerful father, but also serious. He's also quite funny, even though Kouichi feels as though he is not a very ideal father.


In the manga, he has black hair, as well as black eyes. He never directly appears in the anime or live-action film; he is heard on the phone in the former, and mentioned indirectly in the latter.


Yousuke is only ever heard over the phone, as he's away in India for work, which is what prompts Kouichi being sent to Yomiyama in the first place. Though he's often cheerful and flippant with his son, on some level Kouichi despises him, complaining to his aunt (and later Mei) about his lackluster parenting, which among other things, has led to Kouichi becoming a proficient chef. Reiko doesn't seem to like him very much, immediately assuming he wouldn't support Kouichi's plans to attend an art college after high school. Kouichi's grandmother later told him Reiko had offered to take him in if Yousuke didn't shape up as a father.

Yousuke, being in mainland Asia, isn't as strongly affected by the curse as those still in Japan, as he occasionally slips up and remembers Kouichi having been to Yomiyama before.


  • His first name, Yousuke, means "daytime mediate".
  • His last name, Sakakibara, can be translated as the truth of the sacred Shinto tree field.
  • In the anime, he stated that, like his son, he also suffered pneumothorax when he was Kouichi's age. It stopped the second time his lung collapsed.