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"Don't ever speak that name in Class 3 again!"

—Yukari yells at Kouichi for breaking one of class 3-3's rules.

Yukari Sakuragi
Kanji 桜木 ゆかり
Romaji Sakuragi Yukari
Personal Information
Born 24/05/1983
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 158 cm/5' 2"
Eye Color Medium Brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Occupation High School Student
Family Mieko Sakuragi (Mother)†
Vital Information
Affiliation Class Officer
"Deaths of May"
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Blood loss while being impaled by the throat from her own umbrella after slipping from the stairs.
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime "Rough Sketch"
Voice Actors
Japanese Ai Nonaka
English Brittney Karbowski

Yukari Sakuragi (桜木 ゆかり, Sakuragi Yukari) was a student in the 9th Grade Class 3 in 1998, and the female class officer, being succeeded later by Izumi Akazawa.



Yukari's appearance in the manga.

Her appearance between the manga and anime is markedly different.

In the anime, Yukari is a girl of slightly short stature with a light complexion and somewhat plump build. She has short curly brown hair, collected in a half up and half down hairstyle, tied back with a small bun, and her eyes are large brown, accompanied by circular lenses with light green frames. She wears the typical female school uniform, and is also shown in a long pink dress and a yellow shirt underneath.

In the manga, she has straight black hair and black eyes. Her glasses are also different: while they have round lenses in the anime, in the manga they are elliptical.

In the live-action film, her appearance is the same as she had in the manga but she doesn't wear glasses.


In "Rough Sketch", she went to visit Kouichi Sakakibara when he was sick in the hospital, alongside Izumi Akazawa and Tomohiko Kazami, as part of her duties as female class representative. She was part of the small group of students who directly welcomed Kouichi to Class 3. At some point she injured her leg, which forced her to sit out PE with Kouichi. She explained certain aspects of the class to him and even talked on certain people to let Kouichi know them better like her explaining Yuuya Mochizuki's Art talent, but reacted fearfully when Kouichi mentioned Mei Misaki's name, shouting at him in anger. However, she was often friendly (bordering on flirtatious) toward him, and the two walk home together in the rain at one point at the end of "Bone Work" and share a bonding moment.


Yukari falls to her death.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck soon thereafter. One of her male relatives arrived at school to inform Yukari her mother had been killed in a car accident, taking her out of class so she could pay her respects. A distraught Yukari fled, only to see Mei and Kouichi standing near the stairwell and talking. Realizing her mother had been killed as a result of the curse and fearing being close to Mei would cause her to follow suit, Yukari panicked and fled in the opposite direction, a confused and concerned Kouichi in tow. Yukari rushed down the stairs, but tripped and dropped her umbrella. She fell down the stairs, landing face first on the umbrella, impaling her jugular on the tip. Kouichi watched in horror as his friend drowned in her own bodily fluids, her blood pooling around her body.

The class was visibly shaken by Yukari's passing. Takako Sugiura witnessed her death and found it extremely troubling, mentioning it to Aya Ayano. As head of Countermeasures, Izumi felt personally responsible for Yukari's demise, and blamed herself.

One week later, a memento of flowers was left at the place where she fell.

Kouichi's-nightmare-Deceased Yukari

A ghostly Yukari blames Kouichi for her death in his nightmare.

Later, in "Body Paint", Yukari appeared in Kouichi's guilt driven dream, standing with her freshly bloodstained umbrella at the place where she died, her face covered in blood, while blaming him for her death, suggesting Kouichi felt guilty for his friend's demise and blamed himself. Later on, Tomohiko said much the same thing, blaming Kouichi and nearly killing him in fury, as he felt Yukari wouldn't have died had Kouichi not joined the class. Izumi arrived and killed Tomohiko instead, coldly telling him he could keep Yukari company.


Yukari were a kind and friendly girl who got along with her classmates well. But she really wanted to play along with Izumi and the whole class, so she followed them by ignoring Mei too (This could be a part of submission, but she could have done it in purpose too). She seems to have a bit of anger issues, because she had really enough of Kouichi's curiosity, so she shouted at him from the out of nowhere. She even seems to be clumsy, because she fell and sprained her ankle, which later prevented her from participating in P.E. class, and she slipped on the stairs, what even caused her death too.



A memorial bouquet was left at the spot Yukari died by her classmates, suggesting she was well loved by her peers, and deeply missed. She also had close ties to many of her classmates, including:


Sakuragi's memento

Izumi Akazawa[]

In the anime, Yukari seems to be afraid of Izumi, who often berates her for not explaining things to Kouichi while she was absent. However, Izumi blamed herself for Yukari's death, feeling she'd let her classmate down.

In the manga, the two appear to be old friends, and Izumi keeps a picture of the two together on her desk at home. Yukari's death isolated Izumi, who no longer had anyone to share the burden of her troubles with, and caused her to lash out at Kouichi, and later Mei and Naoya. After an especially rough night, an emotionally disturbed Izumi begged Yukari to protect her from the curse, and later on, she muttered Yukari's name (alongside her brother's) as Chibiki carried her out of the burning inn.

Ikuo Takabayashi[]

In Rough Sketch", when Ikuo walks to the nursery to rest, Yukari walks to Kouichi and asks him that where did Ikuo go. She seemed to smirk a little bit when she said his name, so it can reveal that they had a good friendship.

Kouichi Sakakibara[]

Yukari is shown in the anime seemed fond of Kouichi more than in the manga and its hinted that she had feelings for him but doesn't fully express them, she was seen flirting with him at one point when both were sitting out PE, asking him what sorts of girls he was interested in. She also can be seen to try to keep the peace when Izumi started asking Kouichi questions on his time in Yomiyama and her getting irritated, showing a sense to protect Kouichi since he didn't know too much on the current situation. Yukari also offered to walk home with him in the rain since she has an umbrella and they share a bonding moment and was used as an opportunity by her to get closer to him. She can also be seen as the first of Kouichi's multiple crushes to try and build off their relationship and not stand off to the sidelines like the others did and was seen as the most open to him early in the series in trying to make him comfortable in the cursed class. We learn that she loved Tokyo and wished she could go to school there but couldn't afford it, although it can be assumed she was also saddened mostly for she wouldn't be able to be in the same school or place as Kouichi who said he'd be going there in the start of high school. The only time she ever raised her voice in anger was when she scolded Kouichi for mentioning Mei's name. This was one of the first clues to Kouichi that Class 3 was not as it seemed. Kouichi was troubled by her death, wondering if she'd still be alive if she'd taken the stairwell nearest him. Kouichi blamed himself for her death, as evidenced by her presence in his nightmare, where the Ghost Yukari accused him of killing her. The real Yukari wouldn't have done so as she would have probably understood Kouichi just being in a tragic situation.

In the live action film, Yukari shares her desk with Kouichi. Though they presumably interacted offscreen, the two weren't especially close in that adaptation. When Kouichi finished a test earlier and left the class, Yukari followed him, imploring him to stop speaking to Mei, lest someone die. Kouichi rashly ignored her, running downstairs, as he'd just seen Mei heading for the locker room. Yukari confronted him a second time, angrily declaring that she'd had enough. When Kouichi tried to ask her what was happening, Yukari backed away, afraid of being near Mei. Suddenly, a can of paint, which the groundskeeper had accidentally put in the burn barrel, exploded, shattering the window behind Yukari. Startled and scared by the glass shards sailing toward her, Yukari backpedaled, only to slip in a puddle of water and fall back onto an umbrella, impaling her throat. Kouichi and Mei rushed to help her, but their classmate was mortally wounded. Her last words were to Kouichi, telling him she held him responsible for her death. Turning to look at Mei, Kouichi saw Death radiating off Yukari's body reflected in Mei's glass eye, much to his horror.

Mei Misaki[]

She doesn't seem to mention any like or dislike for her. However, she does her best to play along with the other students, pretending she didn't exist. However, it shows that the pressure was getting to her as she freaks out on Kouichi for mentioning Misaki's name. It wasn't until prior to her death, that Yukari had a reaction to Misaki. Upon finding out her mother died, Yukari was rushing to the nearest staircase. When she seen Kouichi with Mei, she reacted in sheer terror and ran for the staircase that was further away from them. This, in turn, caused her horrible death.


Another 89

Yukari character ranking.

  • She is ranked A+ in Another character ranking.
  • Her home address is 6-20 Tobiicho Yomiyama City.
  • Her first name, Yukari, means "affinity" while her last name, Sakuragi, means "cherry tree."
  • Because she died in "Bone Work", she didn't appear in the opening of "Put Flesh". Despite this, she still appears in the ending of every episode, as do other deceased characters.
  • In the novel, her death is one of the most detailed.
  • Yukari died on May 26th.
  • Despite being a relatively minor character, Yukari has a song on Another Songs Party, "Hop Step Hot!".
  • Despite being the first student in the class to die, she was not the first to do so because of the calamity, since Misaki Fujioka was the first victim at the beginning of the year, however, the latter died before starting the course.
  • Yukari has a radically different personality in the live-action film. She is also the first person Kouichi sees Death on, reflected in Mei's glass eye.


  • "It's your fault." -Kouichi's nightmare version of Yukari blames him for her death.
  • "If we're not careful, Akazawa will yell at us"


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