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Yuki Hoshikawa
Kanji 星川 有紀
Romaji Hoshikawa Yuki
Personal Information
Born 1968
Age 15
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Occupation Student
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
First appearance
Manga Chapter 15
Anime Episode 9 (Flashback)
Voice Actors
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown

Yuki Hoshikawa was a student in Yomiyama North Middle School's 9th Grade Class 3 in 1983.


In Episode 9, Matsunaga explains on the tape he left in the old classroom what had happen during the class trip in 1983. After praying at the shrine, Class 3's teacher, Mr. Koga, declared everything would be okay and the class is free of the curse and they left.

The Students in 1983 praying. Yuki Hoshikawa is the girl behind the teacher and next to Reiko Mikami.

When Hamaguchi was struck by lightning, the class began to panic, and was scrambling to get down the mountain before something happened to them. As the class struggled to get to a safer spot, the unfortunate Yuki slipped and fell off of the mountain's cliff. In her fall she banged her head and then her back against many trees on the way down before finally falling of a rocky side of the mountain, causing her to break her neck which undoubtedly killed her - if she wasn't already dead from internal injuries coming from hitting her head and back.


  • Her surname means "star river" or "river of stars".