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I feel uneasy about everything.

—Yuuya Mochizuki

Yuuya Mochizuki
Kanji 望月優矢
Romaji Mochizuki Yūya
Personal Information
Born 02/13/1983 (Aquarius) ♒
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 163 cm/5' 4"
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Occupation High School Student
Family Tomoka Inose (Older half-sister)
Vital Information
Affiliation Art Club Member
Status Alive
First appearance
Manga Chapter 2
Anime "Rough Sketch"
Voice Actors
Japanese Kazutomi Yamamoto
English Clint Bickham

Yuuya Mochizuki (望月優矢 Mochizuki Yūya) is a student of 9th Grade Class 3 in 1998 and one of the older members of the Art Club at Yomiyama North Middle School. He has an older half-sister named Tomoka Inose who works at a cafe.


Appearance in the manga.

In the anime, Yuuya is a young man of below average height and pale complexion, and is also thin. She has long light brown hair, which covers her sides rounding her face, and eyes color green. As a student he is seen wearing the standard male uniform, except that he does not use the Gakuran jacket and instead wears the white shirt.

He was also seen wearing a pink shirt during the trip to the beach, and a purple T-shirt with an image of a clock on a branch (a clear reference to the painting known as "The persistence of Memory" made by the artist Salvador Dalí in 1931).

In the manga, he has light blonde colored hair and black eyes. Yuuya also had a more feminine look.

Kouichi comments, while describing their first meeting in the novel, if Yuuya were to "dress in drag" and go to Shibuya (a seedy district of Tokyo) he'd probably get "picked up" by someone mistaking him for a girl.

In the live-action film, Yuuya has black hair and eyes of the same dark color.


He is calm, innocent, patient, quiet around strangers and a bit shy, but is cheerful and sociable around his friends. Mochizuki is good friends with Naoya Teshigawara and becomes Sakakibara's first friend from Yomiyama North Middle School; he was also fairly close to Ikuo Takabayashi and was horrified when the other boy died.

Yuuya seems to be one of the few students of class 3-3 everyone likes (a frustrated Izumi yells at him once, but mostly out of being angry with herself, and even Takako only seems to find him mildly irritating, as he's one of the few people she behaves playfully with). He was a fixture of the art club as one of their senpai (the other being Mei); he uses this to her disadvantage in an attempt to keep her isolated by luring the rest of the club away when Mei and Kouichi attempted to visit.

An incredibly shy person, Yuuya confides to Kouichi he finds everything uncomfortable. His feminine appearance is one source of this anxiety, especially when concerning Tomohiko's sisters. Though he never admits it to her, Yuuya has a strong infatuation for Reiko Mikami, more so than Naoya, who merely finds her attractive in an abstract sense. Yuuya is strangely at his most courageous around her, going out of his way to be around her when the group went to the beach and generally acting far more outgoing. He is also one of the few people (alongside Izumi and Mei) to figure out who Reiko really was.

Yuuya is easily pressured into doing things he'd rather not, such as allowing Tomohiko's sisters to openly discuss dressing him as a girl, or meekly accepting Kouichi, Izumi, and Takako burying him in the sand at the beach, even submitting to Takako tickling him. Izumi, unfortunately, is aware of this, and uses it against him, pressuring an isolated Yuuya into playing the tape he'd recovered from Matsunaga, an act which has tragic consequences for the class. He can be very loyal to his friends and refuses to abandon them, such as when he dragged Naoya to safety, or when he defended Mei from Izumi at dinner.


As Naoya's best friend, Yuuya was one of the students who welcomed Kouichi on his first day in Class 3. An extremely friendly boy, Yuuya, along with Tomohiko and Naoya, showed Kouichi around the school at lunch. On the other hand, he was unwilling to explain the curse to Kouichi.

In "Build Limbs" Mochizuki and Takabayashi are invited by Kouichi to walk home with him. The trio stopped beside the river, where Ikuo told Kouichi about the curse. Unfortunately, before he could do so, he had a fatal heart attack. Yuuya was unable to save his friend.

Mochizuki's terrified look

A few days later Yuuya was one of the students who attended the big countermeasures meeting wherein Izumi decreed the class would from now on ignore both Mei and Kouichi. Yuuya was unable to keep to the class rules however, and feeling guilty, left a letter underneath Kouichi's desk, stating Kouichi should talk to Mei, as she'd be able to explain the rest.

In "Sphere Joint", Mochizuki participates in the meeting at the Inoya Cafe (which his family owned and at which his half-sister worked) organized by Teshigawara, along with Akazawa and Sakakibara.


In "Hair Stand" Yuuya was going along with Reiko, Kouichi, Teshigawara and Akazawa to the hotel where Matsunaga works and lives. Unable to meet him, however, the kids decided to wait at the beach and spend the day relaxing, assuming they were safe from the curse. Yuuya was buried in the sand by Izumi and Kouichi, while Takako tickled his feet to keep him from resisting. Teshigawara decided to have a "contest" ; fishing for lunch ingredients. Mochizuki was in the team Non-existent with Mei and Kouichi, much to his irritation. Though he had a fun day with his friends at the beach, a pall was cast on things when Junta started to drown while trying to recover Takako's beach ball. Yuuya was the only boy who remained on the beach, as Naoya, Kouichi, and Matsunaga rushed to help him. They were, unfortunately, too late, and Junta was hit by a speed boat and eviscerated, much to the group's horror.


In "Body Paint" Mochizuki meets up with Kouichi and Teshigawara to look for the item that Matsunaga left in the old classroom. They found a recording tape and unfortunately Teshigawara broke the tape later on. Yuuya offers to repair the tape himself.

In "Glass Eye" Mochizuki repaired the tape, and had heard the most important part along with Mei, Teshigawara, and Kouichi. Also, he took Mei's side when Izumi confronted her about the deaths.

Matsuko Naoya Yuuya.jpg

In "Makeup", after knowing that there was a killer around, Mochizuki suggested to look for Ms. Mikami first. He and Teshigawara went around to check and when they reached a room. They found Keiko in the room with blood stained chopper, Keito attempts to attack them and during the process, the chopper cut Teshigawara's leg. Mochizuki went to help Teshigawara escape from Keiko but Keiko followed them along the hallway. Also, Yuuya showed the tape to Takako and Izumi. After a fire broke out at the inn, Kouichi detailed he and Naoya to warn their classmates of the danger. Unfortunately, when trying to find Mikami-sensei, they instead encountered a deranged Keiko Numata, who'd already nearly killed Takako and Manabu Maejima. The two were forced to abandon their mission as she began to pursue them through the burning inn.

Yuuya looking at the photo trip.

In "Stand By Oneself", Yuuya pushed Teshigawara out of a window while running from Keiko. He was about to jump out as well when Keiko grabbed him and started pulling him back up towards her. Teshigawara jumped up and pulled back, sending Keiko and Yuuya crashing to the ground. Keiko attempts to kill Teshigawara but they're saved by Chibiki. Chibiki leads them to his car where he tends to Teshigawara's wound.

The anime ends with Yuuya and Teshigawara putting a tape they recorded about how to stop the calamity into the locker where they found Matsunaga's original one.


Kouichi Sakakibara

The two became friends quickly. They talked about art among other things. He was present when Takabayashi died; before he died Kouichi asked him for the class roster - after ignoring Kouichi he slips a copy into his bag and asks for forgiveness as he did not want to pretend that Kouichi did not exist. They were able to make amends and stayed friends.

Mei Misaki

They had a little interaction through the manga and anime. The two were paired, along with Kouichi, by Naoya for the catching contest. The two didn't interact much, but were on friendly terms. In episode 10, Yuuya defended her from Izumi. However, he doesn't like openly associating with her, even going so far as to lure the rest of the art club away from Mei when she and Kouichi attempted to visit them, and indignantly exclaiming "I exist!" when Naoya put him on the "nonexistent" catching team with Mei and Kouichi.

Naoya Teshigawara

They are friends and usually do things together. Throughout the Anime and Manga they are usually together. When Keiko went insane and wounded Naoya, Yuuya aided and saved him; and in return, Naoya saved him as Keiko tried to attack him; she was later killed by Chibiki. After the Calamity had ended they both created a tape and thoroughly explained what to do; they put the new tape into a locker where they found Matsunaga's original one.

In the live action film, Naoya becomes convinced Yuuya is the extra and attempts to kill him at the inn. He isn't successful, and upon being confronted by Tomohiko about his actions, Naoya fled, only to become entangled in a live electrical cable and killed.

Reiko Mikami

Yuuya had a crush on Mikami-sensei. He spent time with Reiko when they went to the beach together ("Hair Stand") and was ecstatic to ride in the Mikami's car next to her. Later he and Naoya went looking for her, though instead they only encountered Keiko Numata, who immediately began trying to kill them. In the manga, it is made much more clear that he has a crush on her, as he visited Kouichi's house specifically to check on her at one point to make sure she was okay.

Tomohiko Kazami

Tomohiko and Yuuya are friendly, though not especially close in the anime. In the manga, where Tomohiko is a much more major character, the two are together more often, and Tomohiko's sisters have a crush on Yuuya. At the end of the manga, Yuuya and Tomohiko were together with Naoya at the hospital when he went to see Izumi, suggesting the three's friendship remained strong following the catastrophe.

In the film, Tomohiko was with the other boys when they learned how to stop the Calamity. He left Naoya and Yuuya to explain things to Izumi and Takako, but warned Naoya not to do anything stupid. Unfortunately, Naoya didn't listen, and Tomohiko watched him attack Yuuya. Later on, Tomohiko angrily confronted Naoya about what he'd done, suggesting he was deeply disturbed by his classmate's actions.

Takako Sugiura

The two don't interact much, though Yuuya seems to be one of the few people Takako doesn't find extremely irritating. Yuuya and Naoya threw her in the ocean in "Hair Stand" and later on, when the group buried Yuuya in the sand, Takako tickled his feet to make sure he didn't try to escape, suggesting at least some degree of familiarity. However, the two didn't interact again outside that episode, as Takako spiraled into depression following Junta's death, and Yuuya focused on his friends' efforts to break the curse. However, when Yuuya tried to bring the girls up to speed on his friends' progress by playing them Matsunaga's tape, he inadvertently planted the seeds of Takako's psychotic break down.


Yuuya character ranking.

  • He is ranked A+ in Another characters ranking. (However, he is highlighted as red, which is used to indicate female characters, apparently indicating the fandom thinks he's a better girl than most of the girls). In the original novel, Kouichi notices that Mochizuki has a very feminine appearance. This carries over into the anime, where he is often mistaken for a girl.
  • His home address is 1-13 Tobiicho Yomiyama City.
  • His last name, Mochizuki, means Full Moon.
  • His family owns the Inoya cafe where his older half-sister, Tomoka, works as a waitress.
  • In the novel, Yuuya has a twin brother named Naoya, the same as his friend Naoya Teshigawara.
  • His twin brother is not mentioned in the anime or in manga.


  • "It doesn't do any good to pretend you can't see what's going on."
  • "I feel restless about everything, painting brings out that emotion...because of that I like it."
  • "There's no use pretending you don't see what's going on."


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